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Allot Launches NetEnforcer(R) AC-1400 And AC-3000

BOSTON, Jan. 19 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Allot Communications Ltd. (NASDAQ:ALLT) , a leader in IP service optimization and revenue generation solutions based on dynamic actionable recognition technology (DART), today announced the launch of the Allot NetEnforcer AC-1400 and Allot NetEnforcer AC-3000, next generation traffic management devices. The new product lines bring advanced network optimization to tier-2/3 service providers and high end enterprises, and are designed to enable them to optimize network efficiency by maximizing ROI on existing infrastructure, improving policy enforcement and enhancing user experience. Optimized network efficiency is critical because of the dramatic and continuous rise in data traffic, particularly in time-sensitive applications such as video.

The AC-1400 and AC-3000 provide next generation granular visibility and policy enforcement facilitating both a more accurate understanding of network utilization and improved resource management. These environmentally friendly product lines facilitate cost efficient deployment of Allot's network and subscriber services including QuotaManager, TierManager, WebSafe, ServiceProtector and more. The new devices are powered by Allot's DART, which provides a multi-layered approach to traffic management by monitoring application, network topology and user behavior.

"Consistent with the Allot NetEnforcer range, these new product lines enable easy upgrade to higher speeds without the need to replace the unit," explained Andrei Elefant, Vice President of Marketing and Product Management at Allot Communications. "The demand for more intelligent and sophisticated management tools is a result of the changes in the way broadband networks and data services are used. These next generation devices are designed to meet these evolving demands."

The Allot NetEnforcer AC-1400 and Allot NetEnforcer AC-3000 are now commercially available.

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