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Adaptec's ISA1500 Storage Array Stumbles, But Delivers

Beta Bugs

As I painfully discovered, the default installation options for Microsoft's iSCSI Services will cause the iSA1500 automation software to fail--a fact the beta documentation overlooked.

In the course of testing, the ASM interface also failed when I was configuring or monitoring the iSA1500 and the attached test servers. The only remedy was to reinstall the software agents and delete the configuration database, which did not result in any data loss, but the time loss was measurable.

I spent several days troubleshooting these problems, and though Adaptec was able to reproduce them, it could not correct them until after our tests had been completed. Adaptec says all these bugs were fixed before the product first shipped.

After initially configuring the device using a serial or keyboard/ VGA console, you can accomplish ongoing management with the ASM, which is installed on one management host during the initial iSA1500 installation.

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