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Accountants Tally CDP Benefits

Few people will argue that rapid expansion of their company is a bad thing, except perhaps the IT guy charged with keeping everybody networked.

Accounting firm Accretive Solutions bought three companies last year and opened a few new locations separately. The company now has 13 offices around the country, including its Hauppauge, N.Y., headquarters, with about 1,000 full-time employees and consultants.

"The company grew in leaps and bounds," says Accretive's network manager Jeff Prevet. "We didn't really have a chance to prepare for it."

Accretive has a low-end 2.5-Tbyte Hewlett-Packard MSA 1000 SAN in the primary office and another one in its disaster recovery site in Santa Clara, Calif., with plans to upgrade to a midrange EMC Clariion next year. But Prevet says his immediate problem after the acquisition binge was backing up data in all the remote offices.

"We grew faster than we thought," he says. "In one office we added 30 people on a project overnight." Accretive's largest office contains 55 users, all of whom need access to the network. "When consultants are out on project sites, they come into the office once a week and back up laptops to the network to make sure we don't lose anything."

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