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3Par Extends Leadership In Utility Storage Efficiency

Phoenix, AZ, October 12, 2009--Storage Networking World--3PAR(NYSE: PAR), the leading global provider of utility storage, announced today the introduction of several industry-first, next-generation thin technologies designed to reduce the up-front cost of a storage technology refresh by up to 60% as compared to legacy arrays and keep costs low over time by keeping storage thin. These new software products from 3PAR--3PAR Thin Conversion, 3PAR Thin Persistence, 3PAR Thin Copy Reclamation, and 3PAR Thin Reclamation for Veritas Storage Foundation--build on the InServ Storage Server's unique Thin Built In hardware architecture and new virtualization mapping engine for space reclamation called Thin Engine. Like 3PAR Thin Provisioning software, these new software products are designed to boost capacity utilization, increase datacenter efficiency, and support Green IT initiatives. The four new software products announced today leverage Thin Engine technology and the 3PAR Gen3 ASIC within all InServ Storage Servers with Thin Built In to power the conversion of "fat" legacy volumes to more efficient "thin" volumes on InServ arrays and work to keep these volumes and their copies thin over time.

Thin technologies are a key element of 3PAR's strategy of helping customers reduce capacity purchases both up-front and over time in order to lower capital and operating costs, reduce administration time, improve storage ROI, and lessen the environmental impact of the datacenter.

Start Thin: 3PAR's Thin Technology Heritage
Since the introduction of 3PAR Thin Provisioning software in 2002, 3PAR has given customers the ability to reduce up to 75% of their capacity requirements and meet Green IT targets by eliminating the substantial problem of allocated but unused capacity. 3PAR Thin Provisioning has also been demonstrated to reduce administration time by up to 90% by streamlining and automating the provisioning process.

Get Thin: 3PAR Thin Conversion
With Thin Conversion, a storage technology refresh no longer requires a terabyte-for-terabyte replacement, but instead gives customers the opportunity to eliminate up to 75% of the capacity required by their legacy arrays for a cost savings of up to 60% as compared to purchasing legacy storage. 3PAR Thin Conversion gives customers with legacy "fat" volumes a simple and affordable option for "thinning" these volumes by migrating them over to the InServ.

Thin Conversion works by leveraging the Gen3 ASIC, which is designed to detect allocated but unused capacity using built-in zero-detection capability, along with Thin Engine--a virtualization mapping engine for space reclamation--to free empty space as volumes are copied over to the InServ, thereby reducing the amount of capacity required to hold customer data. Because Thin Conversion works in conjunction with built-in hardware capabilities, this process takes place inline, at wire speeds, while preserving service levels, and without disruption to production workloads. Reducing storage capacity requirements also produces ongoing cost savings such as lowering cooling, powering, and floor space costs as well as environmental benefits related to reducing carbon footprint.

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