5 Reasons Why Hardware Choices are Critical for HCI

By Chad Dunn, vice president, product management, Dell EMC VxRail and VxRack SDDC News
  • With so much emphasis placed on the software in software-defined infrastructures, the hardware is often overlooked. Don’t make this mistake. It takes real work to make components behave as a system.
    By By Chad Dunn, vice president, product management, Dell EMC VxRail and VxRack SDDC , 10/11/2018

9 Best Practices for Managing Infrastructure in a Containerized Environment

  • Containers may make life easier for developers, but they can complicate matters for the operations team. These best practices can help.
    By CYNTHIA HARVEY , 10/11/2018

Why Orchestration Does Not Equal Automation

Patrick Moore, Director of Network Automation Strategy, Itential News
  • Orchestration is often used interchangeably with automation. The reality is these terms are very different. Understanding the distinction is important. It’s time to set the record straight.
    By Patrick Moore, Director of Network Automation Strategy, Itential , 10/09/2018

CompTIA Names Top 10 Emerging Technologies

Lisa Morgan News
  • New technologies keep on coming, but which are better to invest in now versus later? CompTIA's recently released a prioritized list of top 10 emerging technologies.
    By Lisa Morgan , 10/08/2018

Move to the Cloud with Microsoft and Live Happily Ever After -- Maybe

Jeff Kalberg, Chief Technology Evangelist, IGEL News
  • Windows 10 in the cloud offers long-term benefits. However, it is paramount to address infrastructure issues before making the Windows desktop to the cloud move.
    By Jeff Kalberg, Chief Technology Evangelist, IGEL , 10/04/2018

Test Web Page Load Time with a Free Chrome Extension

Tony Fortunato News
  • A walk-through shows you how to use a free Chrome extension to measure web page loading times.
    By Tony Fortunato , 9/26/2018

Monitoring and Visibility for the Hybrid Cloud

Archana Kesavan News
  • Today’s hybrid architectures require a combination of monitoring techniques to create a modern, full-stack, hybrid cloud monitoring capability.
    By Archana Kesavan , 9/25/2018

Life on the Network Edge

Sumeet Singh, Vice President of Engineering, Juniper Networks News
  • Evolving network architectures and the demands of new application areas like IoT are bringing the network’s edge into greater focus.
    By Sumeet Singh, Vice President of Engineering, Juniper Networks , 9/10/2018

Using DevOps to Simplify Disaster Recovery

Brett Johnson News
  • Disaster recovery plans are quickly outdated in today’s changing environments. One way to keep DR plans updated and tested is to incorporate DevOps practices.
    By Brett Johnson , 9/06/2018

Introduction to Infrastructure as Code

Brett Johnson News
  • Small misconfigured settings plague many IT environments, impacting security and stability. Infrastructure as code lets you apply a consistent configuration to a broad range of endpoints.
    By Brett Johnson , 8/30/2018

How IT Pros Can Bridge the IT-Business Gap

Leon Adato Commentary
  • By embracing a different mindset and changing their language, IT teams can better communicate with the business and finally overcome a long-standing division.
    By Leon Adato , 8/24/2018

NVMe over Fabrics: Fibre Channel vs. RDMA

Sagar Nangare Commentary
  • For enterprises deploying NVMe over Fabric, choosing between Fibre Channel and RDMA can be difficult, because both have advantages and disadvantages.
    By Sagar Nangare , 8/15/2018

Redefining Active-Active Network Connections

Peter Welcher Commentary
  • Network device and data center connections often described as "active-active" might be better termed "psuedo active-active."
    By Peter Welcher , 8/13/2018

Using SDKs to Manage Infrastructure as Code

Brett Johnson Commentary
  • Learn what an SDK is and how it can help you write scripts for infrastructure management.
    By Brett Johnson , 8/01/2018

Top 3 Takeaways from Google Cloud Next '18

Mike Lyon, Scale Computing Commentary
  • At Google Cloud Next '18, hot topics included security, artificial intelligence and machine learning, containers, and hybrid cloud.
    By Mike Lyon, Scale Computing , 7/30/2018

AI in Business: Getting Started

Curtis Peterson Commentary
  • Artificial intelligence technologies are within the reach of every business. Here's how to start taking advantage of them.
    By Curtis Peterson , 7/27/2018

VMware vSphere Storage Types

Packt Publishing Commentary
  • Learn about vSphere storage fundamentals in this excerpt from "Mastering VMware vSphere 6.5."
    By Packt Publishing , 7/26/2018

Cloud-Native: What Does It Mean for Infrastructure?

John Edwards News
  • As enterprise cloud migration continues, IT infrastructure has to keep up. Here's how to ensure that your organization is up for the trip.
    By John Edwards , 7/25/2018

Container Best Practices: Applying 'Old' Rules

Scott McCarty, principal technology product manager, Linux containers, Red Hat Slideshow
  • The container craze may be new, but organizations can use some traditional IT practices to manage Linux container deployments.
    By Scott McCarty, principal technology product manager, Linux containers, Red Hat , 7/23/2018

Revolutionizing the Network through Edge Computing

Lori MacVittie Commentary
  • Edge computing combines the speed of content delivery networks with the benefits of cloud to enable a new generation of networking.
    By Lori MacVittie , 7/20/2018