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Waterford announced the first standalone email management solution for Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Domino, MailMeter Storage Manager

April 24, 2007

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BUCKINGHAMSHIRE, U.K. -- Waterford Technologies, the leading provider of intelligent email management solutions, today announced the availability of the first standalone email management solution on the market for Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Domino, MailMeter Storage Manager. The solution is introduced in response to organisations'demand for standalone email management to cope with the huge volume ofemail and related attachments.

MailMeter Storage Manager's "attachment stubbing" process helps solve the email storage management problem. The solution runs alongside the email server and removes all attachments such as .doc, .xls, .jpg and .pdf from the email store. With MailMeter Storage Manager's "single instance" capability, organisations benefit from the attachment being stored once on the offline storage as compared to many times in the online mail store. This cost effective solution means that the size of the email store can be reduced by 50% to 80% with users still able to access attachments from their email programme.

Organisations that implement MailMeter Storage Manager will benefit from the following:

  • Zero Disruption to users - because software does not need to beinstalled on the email user's desktop, there is no disruption to, or training required from, the user.

  • Easy to implement and install - MailMeter Storage Manager doesnot need software or agents to be installed on the email server.Implementation is easy because it runs on a server different to the email system;

  • Flexibility of Attachment stubbing - the solution can "stub"attachments by mailbox, by age, by size or any combination of the above.The stubbing process can also be configured to run at set times.

  • Standalone not full archive - previously, customers had toimplement full archive solutions from vendors. With MailMeter Storage Manager, they can now deploy the attachment storage component of an email archiving solution quickly, easily and cost effectively.

Malcolm Etchells, general manager, Europe, of Waterford Technologies,said: "As a leader in the email archiving space, organisations that we talk to have two pressing issues that they want to solve. On one hand, they have a strategic need to archive email for compliance reasons but they also have the operational need to overcome email servers reaching their performance limits, especially as email volumes increase on average by 40% year-on-year. A standalone email storage solution like MailMeter Storage Manager can be implemented quicker than a full archive solution. As such, organisations can address the operational issues faster and concentrate on using the email archive to solve strategic issues like compliance."

Waterford Technologies Inc.

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