VeriStor, Compellent Team Up

VeriStor announced an agreement with Compellent to market anddeliver Compellent's Storage Center product

January 26, 2007

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DULUTH, Ga. -- VeriStorSystems, leaders in evaluating and implementing innovative data storagetechnologies, announces an agreement with Compellent Technologies, aprovider of modular, affordable storage solutions distributed exclusivelythrough a national network of select business partners, to market anddeliver Compellent's Storage Center(TM) product.

"Partners, such as VeriStor, are critical to helping Compellent meetcustomers' unique, evolving needs with the best offering. Together, weexpect to expand the use of storage area network technologies that werebeyond the reach of many businesses for reasons of cost and complexity,"says Bruce Kornfeld, vice president of marketing for Compellent. "Thedesign of Compellent Storage Center brings advanced, affordable storagecapabilities to small and mid-size enterprises for the first time."

Storage Center is the first modular storage area network (SAN) thatintegrates enterprise-level capabilities into a single, comprehensivesolution that every company can afford and any administrator can use.

"Data Progression and other unique features of the Compellent Storage CenterPlatform are saving our customers a lot of money," said Ashby Lincoln,President & CEO at VeriStor. "Compellent delivers an easy to implement,easy to use, and easy to scale storage solution in a modular footprint thatincludes all of the fundamental building blocks for an enterprise SAN. FromFibre Channel, iSCSI, and ATA to snapshots, replication, thin provisioning... It's all there."

VeriStor provides product evaluation, solution architecture, andimplementation services utilizing innovative storage technologies to greatlyreduce expenditures, minimize risk, and streamline storage administration."Compellent's Data Progression technology is absolutely unique in theindustry," said Steve Bishop, VP of Technology at VeriStor. "While everyoneis talking about implementing Tiered Storage or Information LifecycleManagement (ILM), Compellent is the first to deliver fully automated,policy- driven tiering at the block level, built into the storage system.Administrators can now enable automated storage tiering to dynamicallymigrate data between more expensive high-performance tiers and lessexpensive, lower- performance tiers as data lifecycle demands dictate ...all without any modification to the application."

VeriStor Systems Inc.

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