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Vericept and Vormetric announced a strategic alliance in which the companies will develop solutions to find and protect vital information

April 5, 2007

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DENVER -- Vericept Corporation and Vormetric Inc., leaders in the fast-growing data security arena, today announced a strategic alliance in which the companies will combine their respective technological strengths to develop solutions that will find, classify, and protect vital information throughout its life cycle and across the enterprise.

Vericepts extensive suite of content detection solutions will pinpoint users’ sensitive data wherever it is located and in whatever form it is stored. Vericept technology will also classify the data according to its levels of sensitivity and importance and its relevance to more than 70 categories including regulatory compliance categories such as Sarbanes-Oxley, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, HIPAA, and Gramm-Leach-Bliley.

Vormetric’s CoreGuard technology will protect that information, which may include customer lists, personal financial data, trade secrets, source code and more, wherever it resides. Vormetric solutions encompass file-level encryption, control of access by both individuals and applications, auditing that is immune to tampering or alteration, and host integrity.

According to Gartner, the volume of enterprise data doubles every 18 months. Automated tools that can find, classify, and protect that ever-growing volume of data are essential to success in today’s mobile and collaborative business environment.

“Ensuring regulatory compliance, safeguarding sensitive information, and preventing Intellectual Property theft are all critical business requirements,” said Brian Burke, Security Analyst for IDC. “In the face of mounting pressure, the public is asking for better protection of their sensitive information and accountability to ensure that private data remains private. The challenge is how to efficiently and cost-effectively protect sensitive and regulated information on an enterprise level. Vericept and Vormetric will meet this challenge with their combined information protection solutions.”Vericept Corp.

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