Unix and Linux Security Administration

This edition looks at Symark PowerKeeper -- a Unix and Linux security and administration product. We also spotlight Wily Technology's Introscope 7.0, Ontrack's Powercontrols 4.1 and Lumigent Technologies' Audit DB

May 31, 2006

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Symark PowerKeeper 1.5

The latest version of this Unix and Linux security and administration product provides secure storage and retrieval of administrative account passwords, includes a comprehensive set of logging and audit-trail capabilities to support security and regulatory compliance efforts, an expanded collection of command-line interface commands to streamline the administrative password management process, and an optional fault-tolerant hardware configuration. PowerKeeper automates the process of manually managing and protecting the Unix/Linux "superuser" or root password and other privileged administrator passwords. PowerKeeper stores and manages sensitive passwords using a secure, hardened appliance that is inaccessible to outsiders and all but the most privileged employees.
Starts at $25,000 for an appliance that manages up to 100 systems. www.symark.com

Wily Technology Introscope 7.0

Wily Technology unveiled the latest version of its flagship product for monitoring and optimizing the performance of business-critical Web applications. Among the key features for clustering are improved scalability and reduced complexity of deployment, and single point of administration and usage. The CEM (Customer Experience Manager) Integration offers a unified view of end-to-end transactions, from user experience to back-end infrastructure. Automatic application discovery and autogenerating dashboards provide automatic rolling baselines, and identify and alert users on deviations from "normal" with zero configuration.
$6,250 per individual CPU on distributed systems. www.wilytech.com

Ontrack Powercontrols 4.1

The new version of Ontrack Data Recovery's widely used mailbox-recovery tool is designed to help Microsoft Exchange administrators save time and improve recovery performance with better content-analysis functionality, message-viewing capabilities and expanded backup-format support. Administrators can now create any number of customized Content Analysis Stores (CAS), facilitating content, time period and in-depth investigative analysis of their Exchange data. The product can arrange messages by conversation view, message table or attachment view, and includes enhanced support for backup formats including the newest versions of Symantec BackupExec, Veritas NetBackup and CA BrightStor ARCserve.
Starts at $950 for 100 mailboxes. www.ontrack.com

Lumigent Technologies Audit DB 5.0

Version 5.0 of this closed-loop database auditing and assessment product features a common data repository designed to lower total cost of ownership by simplifying the management of heterogeneous database environments. It includes an activity-monitoring module to provide a complete, trusted audit record, and an assessment module to monitor compliance with existing access policies. Among the top IT control weaknesses the product addresses are account terminations and entitlements, failure to segregate duties, auditing of privileged users, inadequate review of audit logs and failure to identify anomalous transactions in a timely manner.
Starts at $20,000 per database server. www.lumigent.com

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