Unisys Unveils Intel Xeon-Based 'Mainframes'

ClearPath systems based on multicore processors

May 17, 2007

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Unisys this week debuted the first machines in its ClearPath family of mainframe-class servers based on multicore Intel Xeon chips.

Unisys aims to ride the same processor cost-curve as desktops and servers with its next-generation mainframes, announcing plans to deliver a common platform architecture that uses Intel technology for all its Unisys servers.

The new ClearPath Dorado Model 400 and Libra Model 400 series support advanced releases of the Unisys OS 2200 and MCP operating environments, respectively. Both operating environments provide full compatibility of applications written on earlier-generation ClearPath systems based on CMOS processors.

Unisys next-generation server architecture is designed to enable four operating environments--Microsoft Windows and Linux as well as Unisys OS 2200 and MCP--to run concurrently on the same computer system in a single virtualized partition.The basic ClearPath Dorado Model 400 Series, including software, is priced from about $200,000. A ClearPath Libra Model 400 for basic workloads is also priced from about $200,000.

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