Top 11 Ways You Celebrated the Release of Windows Vista

From the fancy-schmancy hors d'oeuvres to musical performances, pomp and circumstance lorded over the Windows Vista launch last month. Now our faithful readers share with us how they celebrated the

February 16, 2007

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1. Created a new series called "Survivor: Windows Vista": First episode features bug infestation and plenty of sleep deprivation.

2. Setup a Vista Box on the public network, then started an office pool betting on how long it would take before it was hacked.

Survivor: VISTA (new on CBS this Fall)

3. Ordered t-shirts with "Friends Don't Let Friends Do Vista".

4. Stood outside Microsoft headquarters waiting to see who would be the first to drive by and throw the Vista box out the door.5. Had a Panic Room installed in my mansion in case of angry mobs -- B. Gates

6. Watched video of the Vista launch on my 486 Linux laptop running Mozilla while my neighbor spent hours trying to get Vista running on his new $6,000 QuadCore HP Super Laptop. (Last time I checked he was re-installing XP Media Center).

7. Downloaded Vista media and enterprise license keys from -- hang, on, phone's ringing -- What? What do you mean we're being investigated?

8. Sent in 21,000 extra troops to protect our office from it.

9. Sat back as my Mac warmed up, enjoyed my cup of coffee and had an incredibly productive day at work.10. Started looking for a job in landscaping

11. Wait, they launched Vista??? Nobody ever tells me anything...

Thanks to Ken Graham, Russell E Glaue, Greg Frye, B. Girtz, Rich Snow, Thomas Flynn

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