Sysadmin Superheroes

In honor of SysAdmin Day, we share IT pros' memories of heroic deeds from the data center.

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They say love is a battlefield, but as any system administrator knows, so is the data center! Whether it’s vanquishing pesky performance bottlenecks or preventing data loss, application downtime, and service outages, sysadmins are the first line of defense for today’s businesses. And as the sysadmin role continues to evolve with the growth of hyperconvergence, hybrid IT and cloud computing among other new technology trends, so too do the threats and challenges these unsung heroes must defeat day in and day out.

To celebrate System Administrator Appreciation Day 2016 and honor sysadmins everywhere for all the times they've come to the rescue to keep everything running smoothly, the folks at SolarWinds asked the THWACK community of 130,000 IT professionals for feedback on their most heroic sysadmin moments. On the following slides, enjoy a selection of their impressive tales of data center heroism along with illustrations of their superhero alter egos.

Happy SysAdmin Day 2016!

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