Symantec Buying AppStream

The biggest news out of ManageFusion so far? Symantec bought AppStream last night & is rolling 'em into the newly formed 'Endpoint Virtualization' group.

Joe Hernick

April 9, 2008

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The biggest news out of ManageFusion so far? Symantec bought AppStream last night and is rolling 'em into the newly formed "Endpoint Virtualization" group. AppStream and Symantec have maintained a close partnership for the past two years, with Symantec OEM'ing (as part of SVS) the desktop application streaming solution while facilitating its care and feeding via Altiris management and workflow toolsets. If you're wondering about what flavor of "virtualization" SVS falls under, check out the Network Computing (pre-Symantec acquisition) review from August 2006.

Symantec's Endpoint Virtualization group includes the SVS and SVS Pro offerings and is "expected to grow" as the desktop virt market develops from the today's ~$1B to a rosier future. I met with a happy Ken Berryman, VP of Endpoint Virt for Symantec, and jubilant Srinivasa Venkataraman, AppStream CEO, today for the announcement. Terms have not been disclosed, and the private cash deal should be complete by end of quarter. Branding decisions of SVS vs. AppStream also are pending.

I'm betting we'll see more offerings under Symantec's umbrella as the endpoint virt and endpoint security/protection teams mingle.

AppStream's 32 employees (plus contractors) should all be moving over to Symantec as part of the acquisition.

When asked "What took so long?" Berryman sheepishly replied that they've been waiting to see traction in this market play out before taking the plunge. The success of SVS Pro helped motivate Symantec to close the deal.

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