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South Western Federal Credit Union selects SecureWave Sanctuary to prevent data leakage and the introduction of malware

April 3, 2007

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HERNDON, Va. -- SecureWave, a worldwide leader in endpoint security, today announced that South Western Federal Credit Union (SWFCU) is using SecureWaves Sanctuary® endpoint security software to safeguard its proprietary information and systems against the threats associated with the wide-spread use of removable storage media — including introduction of unknown viruses, worms and Trojans and data theft and leakage. An overview about how SWFCU is using SecureWave’s Sanctuary is available online at http://www.securewave.com/nwr_successStory.jsp?storyId=99757&metadata Id=99757 (Due to its length, this URL may need to be copied/pasted into your Internet browser's address field. Remove the extra space if one exists.)

“The increased storage capacity and functionality of today’s removable media enables employees to seamlessly transfer critical information in and out of the organization or unintentionally introduce malware into the network. This creates a new threat vector that must be addressed,” said Miriam Neal, vice president of information systems at SWFCU (La Habra, Calif.; $172 million in assets). “Many of these devices help our employees better serve our customers, so we cannot take drastic measures like stripping out all USB ports. Sanctuary allows us to control exactly what devices can be used on our PCs and laptops while providing employees with the technologies they need. Sanctuary also enables us to enforce granular policy for allowed devices, adding an extra layer of protection.”

SecureWave’s Sanctuary provides a safe operating environment for SWFCU by enabling Neal and her IT staff to create a whitelist of devices that are allowed to run on corporate PCs, laptops and servers. Any media not on this list is simply denied by default, proactively protecting the organization against data leakage, introduction of malware and other threats.

“As incidents of identity theft, information leakage and security breaches continue to make headlines, financial services and other organizations are seeking new ways to protect themselves and their customers from potential disaster,” said Bob Johnson, CEO of SecureWave. “This deployment reflects the increasing reality that security-conscious organizations recognize Sanctuary’s proactive approach as a far more effective means of preventing data leakage and the introduction of malware. It is far easier to whitelist the removable storage media that you want to allow than to worry about unknown devices and malware.”

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