Strategy Session: Introducing Holistic Analysis

To simplify your technology evaluation process, we're pleased to announce, your new home for holistic technology analysis.

Art Wittmann

September 8, 2006

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Shortly after returning to Network Computing this spring, I was struck by the qualitative difference in coverage between this magazine and every other enterprise IT publication. One of the first stories I saw here was a SAN review by technology editor Steven Hill. He looked at a number of products, and in typical NWC fashion, offered his analysis of both their architectures and the products' performance in the lab. His conclusion was that though one of the products had an intriguing architecture, another with a more straightforward approach performed much better and cost a good bit less, too.

What struck me was that just a couple of months earlier, I'd seen another article that touched on the same products, but without the lab test. The conclusions about the architectures were similar--however without the lab test, the other author had no chance of knowing about the performance difference, so he recommended the fancier product. Both articles were factually correct, but one simply didn't have all the relevant data. The reason I remember this is because I wrote that other article. Chalk one up for Mr. Hill and NWC.

In speaking with many of you, I've learned how you use Network Computing test results when talking to vendors. It's not uncommon to hear about IT managers plopping down an NWC report card with the vendor's grade circled and asking them to explain it. It's an incredibly powerful service and we're proud to continue to provide it. However, that's certainly not the end of the story. We know you depend on numerous sources to inform your buying decisions, including other magazines, peers, integrators and analysts. You look to all these sources, weigh their impartiality and the quality of their coverage, then make your decision.

To simplify your technology evaluation process, we're pleased to announce, your new home for holistic technology analysis. NWC Analytics is the only place you'll find best practices; trends and attitude surveys; detailed analyses of vendors and architectures, and--most important--labs-based analyses. All this information is integrated and delivered in a single coherent report. Best of all, it comes from the same authors you know and trust. For the remainder of this year, we'll be adding reports to the NWC Analytics site for individual purchase. Starting early next year, you'll be able to purchase a subscription to the service. Check it out. You won't find another resource like it.

Art Wittmann is editor in chief of Network Computing. Write to him at [email protected].

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