Storage Trends To Watch In 2016

Storage will have a banner year, as the post-flash era ushers in software-defined storage and innovations like NVM and SMR.

Boyan Ivanov

February 2, 2016

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There is a paradigm shift happening as we move from viewing “storage as a separate subsystem” (i.e. standalone SAN box) to thinking about it as “software-defined storage.” Companies are grasping the interplay between applications, compute, networks, and storage, and building and managing them together. Storage is becoming an integral part of the entire stack and tightly integrated with networking, compute, and the applications running on top.

Performance requirements are also rising, and SSD-level of performance is now the standard. Use cases are multiplying, driving further specialization of storage systems and new tiers of storage.

At the product-specific level, new storage technologies are adding functionality, but also complexity. IT organizations must manage this complexity and integrate new functions, all while innovating to keep their competitive edge. What technologies and trends can help them do that? Here we outline the top storage trends and predictions for 2016.

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Boyan Ivanov is CEO and co-founder at StorPool. He started programming and started his first venture at the age of 10. He has experience in the enterprise and SME worlds, working in IT, banking and financial sectors. He has also been part of several startups prior StorPool. Now he's focusing on improving data storage for companies building public or private clouds. 

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Boyan Ivanov

CEO & Co-Founder, StorPool

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