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Think you've got it tough? Then spare a thought for IT managers in war-torn Georgia

August 13, 2008

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The recent conflict between Russia and Georgia over South Ossetia may have shocked the world, but at least one Georgian IT exec managed to make light of a difficult and dangerous situation.

Late last week, when the crisis started to unfold, Byte and Switch sent a slew of emails to businesses in the Georgian capital Tibilisi to see what impact the fighting had on their disaster recovery plans.

Here is the sole response, from a spokesman for a Georgian Web hosting company, who surely wins our "wry sense of humor" award for 2008.

Byte & Switch: What disaster recovery plans do you have in place to cope with the current situation in Georgia?

Answer: I bought a ticket to Moscow.Byte & Switch: How are you protecting your server and storage infrastructure?

Answer: I asked the preacher to bless my servers.

Byte & Switch: What action are you likely to take if the military situation escalates?

Answer: I will put on a t-shirt "I love Putin" and start to speak Russian... But I am also planning to dig a deep hole in the ground for myself and for my servers, it might become useful. God Bless America.

Thankfully, Russia called a ceasefire earlier today, ending five days of bitter fighting, although this is clearly one part of the world where users are dealing with bigger issues than spam and server downtime.0

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