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Softek announced significant enhancements to its host-based data migration and data replication software for Windows

January 10, 2007

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LONDON -- Softek Storage Solutions, the leader in Non-stop Data Mobility™ software solutions, today announced significant enhancements to its host-based data migration and data replication software for Windows that significantly increases network transfer speed, enabling a 50 percent boost in speed over previous releases. In addition, a new Data Migration Performance Assist feature greatly simplifies local data migrations while continuing to keep applications 100% available during a data migration or a data replication.

Softek’s Transparent Data Migration Facility (TDMF) Windows (IP) software is a comprehensive, host-based data migration product that moves data over TCP/IP. The solution stands out because it works with any volume manager, any file system and all applications. Installed as a service and a TCP/IP driver on the server, TDMF Windows (IP) automates data migration while applications remain available and online. Replicator for Windows is cost-effective, host-based data protection software for Windows 2000/2003 platforms that works between or within any vendor’s hardware. Used primarily to alleviate backup window constraints, disaster recovery and compliance, Replicator for Windows has compression and bandwidth throttling features to minimise the impact of network bandwidth or application latency.

Key enhancements to Softek TDMF Windows (IP) Version 2.5 and Replicator for Windows Version 2.5 include faster data throughput via new algorithms that more intelligently utilise network bandwidth, even in highly latent environments, for distance migrations and data protection. New techniques have been utilised within the products to improve performance using better buffering options which results in faster transfer speeds.

TDMF Windows (IP) for Windows includes a new Data Migration Performance Assist feature, which enables faster and simpler local data migrations. This feature reduces resource consumption by eliminating the use of the TCP/IP stack for local data migrations.

“This new version of our data migration and replication products provides many of the features our enterprise customers want to move data faster and better manage their Windows resources,” said T.R. Bosworth, product manager, open systems products, at Softek. “Helping customers simplify the management of their storage is one of our goals, and continuing investment and support for Windows, including platform and application support, is an important part of our product roadmap.”Softek Storage Solutions Corp.

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