Sepaton Delivers Remote Replication for Data Intensive Enterprises

DeltaRemote software provides network-optimized, secure replication for complete disaster protection.

May 18, 2009

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MARLBOROUGH, MA - May 18, 2009 - SEPATON, Inc., the leader in enterprise-class disk-based data protection solutions, today announced that for the first time the world's largest, most data intensive organizations can cost-effectively and reliably perform remote replication. SEPATON's new DeltaRemote(TM) software enables enterprises to back up and replicate large volumes of data for simple, cost-effective disaster protection. DeltaRemote delivers the performance, scalability and automation large enterprises need to meet regulatory requirements for disaster recovery, reduce labor-intensive tape handling, and meet stringent recovery time objectives (RTO).

DeltaRemote software leverages SEPATON's scale-out architecture, and the power of its DeltaStor?? deduplication software to significantly reduce the bandwidth requirements of replication by as much as 97 percent. The scale-out architecture enables companies to add performance or capacity as needed simply by adding modular processing nodes or additional disk. The architecture automatically integrates added capacity and balances all processing needed to back up, deduplicate, and replicate data across multiple nodes for optimal performance. Each SEPATON node can deduplicate as much as 25TB of data per day while replicating only relevant changes.

"SEPATON is the key component of our upcoming disaster recovery deployment," said Tom Walsh, CIO of ACN, the world's largest direct seller of telecommunications services. "We have come to rely on our SEPATON VTL to protect our critical data assets within the datacenter. With DeltaRemote, we will further automate and improve our data protection strategies from site-wide disasters as well."

"Coupling deduplication with replication to reduce bandwidth requirements enables large-scale data center environments to meet DR imperatives," said Lauren Whitehouse, analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group. "SEPATON's scale-out architecture already makes it a must-evaluate solution for reducing back up and operational recovery windows. With the addition of remote replication, it's now a more compelling solution for enabling disaster recovery too."

"Physical tape and standard disk-based solutions are not designed to provide the level of performance, scalability or control that large, data-intensive organizations need to back up, deduplicate, and replicate enterprise-scale volumes of data. DeltaRemote enhances the SEPATON solutions by replicating large volumes of data to remote sites without adding manual tasks or taxing network resources," said Fidelma Russo, executive vice president of engineering and development, SEPATON, Inc. "Enterprises can now save money and reduce the risks of manual tape handling with a reliable, secure, remote replication solution."Highlights of SEPATON DeltaRemote software include:

Network Optimization Reduces Bandwidth up to 97 percent - DeltaRemote software works with DeltaStor deduplication software to identify and replicate only unique data and pointers to previously stored duplicate data. This process significantly reduces the amount of data to be transmitted.

High Performance for Fast RTO - DeltaRemote software enables enterprises to back up data to the safety of both a primary and remote VTL automatically and at industry-leading speed and efficiency. DeltaRemote delivers the industry's fastest restore times through the use of "forward referencing," a deduplication method that maintains the most recent back up in a format ready for immediate restores without reassembly.

Scale-out Architecture - DeltaRemote software is fully integrated with SEPATON's grid architecture to enable enterprises to seamlessly add capacity and/or performance in a single appliance without over-provisioning. Scale-out technology balances all processing required to back up, replicate, and deduplicate large volumes of data across multiple processing nodes.

Faster, Simpler DR Testing - Regular DR testing must include a complete test of systems, procedures, and processes in as realistic a manner as possible to identify weaknesses in data movement, network delays, bandwidth limits, and, potential human errors. SEPATON DeltaRemote makes DR testing faster and more efficient by eliminating the need for time intensive tape handling and pre-test preparation.Advanced Management Control - DeltaRemote gives users complete control of their disaster protection environment to support business objectives and policies. Users choose which data to replicate at the cartridge level, providing unmatched flexibility. Intelligent scheduling, reporting and integration with the VTL management console cut administration time and complexity.

Pricing and AvailabilityDeltaRemote software is available May 30 and is priced at $11,000 per node for the software license.

About SEPATON, Inc.SEPATON is the only disk-based data protection company with a scale-out backup and recovery system built to achieve the performance and capacity requirements of the most data intensive organizations. Built on our patented scale-out architecture, SEPATON products enable data-intensive enterprises to deduplicate, back up, replicate, and restore petabytes of data at wire speed without disruption to their existing infrastructure. As a result, these products provide the most return on their investment in backup technology. For additional information call 866-SEPATON or visit

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