ScaleOut Software Enhances Distributed Cache And Data Grid Offering

First to provide object browser and parallel backup and restore capabilities

August 11, 2009

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BELLEVUE, Wash., Aug. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- ScaleOut Software, a leading provider of distributed data grids, today released ScaleOut Management Pack(TM), extending its current offering for Web-based, high performance and grid computing applications. The Management Pack includes object browser and parallel backup / restore functionality, helping developers and architects view, manage, and back up objects stored in the ScaleOut StateServer distributed cache.

These tools offer a new level of management, analysis, and protection of mission-critical data not previously available. The ScaleOut Management Pack is applicable for all industries, particularly those managing large influxes of traffic or real-time data such as financial services and e-commerce.

"Our customers can now analyze data stored in the grid, giving them the power to assess exposure to risk, improve operational efficiency or respond to critical business events," said Dr. William L. Bain, founder and CEO of ScaleOut Software. "For example, financial institutions can quickly and repeatedly take snapshots of data for later analysis of market trends, which is useful in portfolio risk analysis and algorithmic trading scenarios. Similarly, e-commerce clients now can inspect customer shopping carts in real-time to track sales and manage inventory to improve supply chain management."

The ScaleOut Object Browser gives developers and architects the ability to view cache contents, including metadata and serialized data for individual Java and .NET objects. The object browser also can perform management operations such as searching the cache to find specific objects by name or all objects in a particular group. The user can clear individual objects, groups of objects or the entire cache. Together, the object browser's capabilities dramatically increase the user's visibility into and management of the contents of a distributed cache.

The ScaleOut Parallel Backup and Restore Utility enables all or a selected portion of a distributed cache to be backed up to the file system or restored while cache operations are ongoing. In addition to protecting against server failures, this functionality enables users to take snapshots of cache contents at a particular time for later analysis or at multiple times to analyze trends in an application's data usage. A graphical user interface integrated into the ScaleOut Management Console makes backups and restores easy to initiate and monitor.To ensure the fastest possible performance for large caches, the ScaleOut Management Pack has the unique capability to back up or restore data in parallel to the file systems on each of the caching servers. Operations alternatively can be targeted to a single network file share to keep all of the data in one file folder. Backup and restore operations are always performed in parallel by all caching servers for fast, scalable performance.

Users can license ScaleOut Management Pack(TM) now. Visit for more information.
About ScaleOut Software, Inc.
ScaleOut Software develops software products that provide scalable, highly available caching and analysis for workload data in server farms and compute grids. It has offices in Bellevue, Washington and Beaverton, Oregon. The company was founded by Dr. William L. Bain, whose previous company, Valence Research, developed and distributed Web load-balancing software that was acquired by Microsoft Corporation and is now called Network Load Balancing within the Windows Server operating system.
About ScaleOut StateServer
ScaleOut StateServer provides distributed caching and data grids for server farms and compute grids to boost application performance and enable comprehensive data analysis. Now in its fourth major release, ScaleOut StateServer accelerates application performance and enhances data analysis on hundreds of production server farms across a range of industries including financial services and ecommerce. Its patented technology enables it to deliver scalable access to cached data while maintaining high availability in case of server failures.

ScaleOut StateServer runs on Linux, Windows, and Solaris operating systems and communicates over an existing LAN. It provides powerful Java, .NET, and C/C++ APIs for caching application data in a single, uniformly accessible, distributed data grid, and it supports mixed platform/language operations.

Source: ScaleOut Software 

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