Permabit Releases Enterprise Archiving System

Permabit delivers value tier storage for less than $1 per GB with data center series model 4010

April 21, 2009

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CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- Permabit Technology Corporation, the leading innovator of value tiered storage solutions for the enterprise, today announced the release of the Permabit Enterprise Archive Data Center Series Model 4010. The Data Center Series Model 4010 leverages highly efficient Intel processor and Seagate drive technology to cost-effectively and securely store fixed and inactive information for long-term data storage. By leveraging this value tier of storage, data can be offloaded from expensive primary storage yet still have online accessibility. This new platform delivers an effective cost under $1 per gigabyte, setting a new industry baseline for high value, massively scalable disk storage. The Permabit Enterprise Archive contains built-in technologies including data deduplication, data protection, high availability, WORM, and snapshots.

Permabit Data Center Series Model 4010 Features/Components:

  • Cost Effective: Delivering value tier storage for less than $1 per GB*

  • Massively Scalable: By introducing 1 TB drives, individual storage

    node capacity is doubled to 4 TB. The Permabit Data Center Series can nowscale from 32 TB to 4.6 PB of raw storage capacity; making it the

    industry's only storage solution capable of managing the massive long term

    data requirements of today's large enterprise environments.

  • Performance: By combining software enhancements and next generationIntel processors, the 4010 dramatically improves performance by more than

    280% from previous versions.

  • Power Efficiency: By migrating to a single quad-core processor from

    multi dual core processors and increasing drive density, power consumptionis reduced by over 70%.

  • Protection: Patented RAIN-EC grid architecture provides the most

    scalable and reliable storage in the industry.

  • In-line Deduplication: Data is deduplicated in-line and real-time

    saving storage space overhead and eliminating the need for a "dedupewindow."

  • File lock-down: Built-in file-level WORM capabilities ensures data

    immutability and enables read/write co-mingling in the same system

    eliminating the need for dedicated separate WORM based systems.

    Permabit Technology Corp.

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