Perimeter eSecurity Launches RBR

Leading security SaaS provider, perimeter esecurity, launches remote backup & recovery service

May 19, 2008

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MILFORD, Conn. -- Perimeter eSecurity, the only provider of Complete Security On Demand, announced today their Remote Backup & Recovery (RBR) Offering which provides a reliable, on-demand storage engine to securely back up and recover business data. RBR is a fully digital service that allows organizations to maintain a regular backup schedule. This automated, cost-effective remote data backup solution provides customers with an assurance that their data will always be available, stored securely, and meet compliance requirements in the light of a major disaster or even a more common simple system failure. Once the solution is setup, it requires no client time or effort and is not prone to human error or typical IT problems that in-house solutions are known to create. Backups can be scheduled, in full, part, or incrementally, to reoccur at any time, 24/7, while simultaneously allowing customers access to other systems.

People and data are an organization’s two most critical assets. However, without the data both the people and the organization come to a standstill,” said Doug Howard, Chief Strategy Officer, Perimeter eSecurity. “Many organizations do not adequately protect against data loss and system failure risks caused by technical, human, and natural disasters. Conventional backup methods such as physical tapes and drives are inefficient, prone to error, and incur extensive administrative costs. A disk crash or inadequate backup procedure can cause material business disruption and financial loss. If the prospect of a “big disaster” doesn’t concern an enterprise, just imagine the man-hours lost on PC failures around an organization. Up until now an affordably priced, comprehensive and fully compliant back-up option that supports an organization’s Business Continuity, Security and Governance requirements has not been made available on demand. ”

Perimeter eSecurity

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