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Olixir launched the SC-1000 Hardware Accelerated Compression and Encryption option

February 2, 2007

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MILPITAS, Calif. -- Olixir Technologies, a provider of technologically advanced ruggedized, transportable data storage solutions, today strengthened the advantage of replacing tape with disk-based solutions for data backup and offsite archiving with the announcement of the launch of the SC-1000 Hardware Accelerated Compression and Encryption option. Optimized for use with its popular FastRestore SE and FastRestore Enterprise systems, the SC-1000 provides powerful standards-based encryption, can quadruple the capacity of each disk drive and boosts performance by 50 percent over software backup solutions.

The SC-1000, which is comprised of a hardware card that is easily installed into the PCI-X slot of a workstation or PC, compresses and encrypts data using two hardware-based engines that work in tandem to deliver significantly faster performance than is possible with software solutions that tie up system resources. The SC-1000 compression engine implements real-time data compression for disk-to-disk backup, while the security engine, which supports 128- and 256-bit key sizes, implements the AES algorithm in ECB mode with a 128-bit block size and variable key size changeable on a per-block basis. The solution is expected to meet various FIPS standards through upcoming testing. Two models are being offered, one to be used with Symantec (formerly: Veritas) Backup Exec, and the other for use with a version of EMC-Insignia (Formerly: Dantz) Retrospect that is optimized to be used with the card.

The four most critical components that businesses of all sizes from SMB to enterprise require today of any data backup or archiving solution are reliability, speed, capacity and security,” explained Darshan Shah, President of Olixir Technologies. “Whereas our standalone FastRestore SE and FastRestore Enterprise solutions provide superior reliability, high performance transfer speeds and transportability advantages over other tape- and disk-based backup solutions, the SC-1000 option takes our capabilities to the next level. By putting both compression and encryption into a single easy-to-install hardware-based platform, we’re able to greatly improve the performance of the backup function, increase the cost effectiveness and capacity of the storage media through compression, and protect the data on the media for offsite archival using powerful standards-based security, all without taxing the resources of the host computer. This drastically reduces system downtime, gives users a much faster ROI, and much more significant ease of use and reliability compared to tape backup. Those factors are of the utmost importance to the majority of our customers.”

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