Northern Intros Storage Suite V8

New version provides the fastest, most secure and most scalable NASquotas on the market

November 6, 2007

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TAMPA, Fla. -- NORTHERN, global providers of flexible,easy-to-administer storage resource management software solutions, todayannounces Northern Storage Suite V8 [NSS V8], which introduces over 1,000innovations and changes, including several major new additions and a host ofenhancements to provide even more granular and efficient control overenterprise-wide storage management . NSS V8 was engineered to meet today'sdemand for automated, yet highly customizable storage management that can betailored to environments integrating various storage technologies,particularly the growing number that have made significant investments inNetwork Attached Storage [NAS] provides IT administrators with everythingfrom more quota functionality, graphical reporting, true NAS management, andvia the introduction of NSS:Dashboard, a means of monitoring and managingall storage devices and activity across even the most heterogeneousenterprises from a single location.

"Northern Storage Suite V8 is a major new release, delivering asignificantly more powerful storage management solution that has the featureset and flexibility to address even the most challenging networkenvironment," said Thomas Vernersson, Northern's President. "The new releasemeets several key market needs, including a true management tool for NASdevices. But from a strategic standpoint, our main objective was to provideadmins with a new level of 'intelligent' storage management that integratesrobust analytics with automation."


The new NSS V8 start page presents users with one of the new suite's mostcompelling innovations: the NSS:Dashboard. NSS:Dashboard offers admins andmanagement staff "actionable reporting," providing them with analytics[i.e., vital updates on general storage health] as well as warnings andrecommendations for pre-emptive or immediate action. The Dashboard leadsadministrators quickly into the component of the suite that is most relevantat that time; if a warning flag is present and the advice is to clean-up thefile system then the administrator can jump straight to Storage Reporter andconfigure a 'Report on Folder Size' to identify exactly which objects areusing all the storage. Multiple Dashboards can be configured and emailed;this enables an administrator to receive emails based on a specific set ofDashboard analytics, and email another Dashboard configured to the needs ofa supervisor, i.e., the CIO or colleague. NSS Dashboard Reports include:

  • Current State: Total usage and total capacity within the environment

  • Current Paths: Paths at specific usage brackets and path growth rates

  • Critical Paths: Highlighting paths at dangerous levels

  • Future Critical Paths: Paths that require immediate action

  • Current Users: Revealing average and excessive usage

  • Future Users: Projected levels of usage and future distribution amongusers

  • File Type Growth: Changes in the size of file type groups and projectedfuture sizes

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