Networking Survival Guide: 8 Essential Rules

The enterprise network isn't getting any simpler, but following these important guidelines will help IT pros implement, maintain, and improve even the most complex networking environment.

Leon Adato

April 7, 2015

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For the unprepared, managing modern IT infrastructure with all its complexity can be a little scary. The proliferation of devices, the constant threat of a cyber attack, and a connected workforce that demands access to information when they want it and where they want it places more pressure on IT professionals than ever. And at the heart of it all is still the network.

These days, however, maintaining a network that can handle the needs of your business isn't optional -- it's a matter of survival. And we know that today's IT pro is less a bespectacled computer nerd and more a Bear Grylls-style survival expert. In true Man vs. Wild fashion, practitioners can benefit from a network survival guide to be prepared for everything Mother Nature Technology might throw at them. To that end, we present eight important guidelines to help you brave the wilderness of modern IT.

About the Author(s)

Leon Adato

Head Geek, SolarWindsLeon Adato is a Head Geek at SolarWinds, an IT management software provider based in Austin, Texas. Adato boasts more than 25 years of IT experience, including 14 years working with systems management, monitoring, and automation solutions for servers, networks, and the web. Adato is also a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, Cisco Certified Network Associate, and SolarWinds Certified Professional. Prior to his role at SolarWinds, Adato served as a senior monitoring consultant for Cardinal Health.

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