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New HyperPipe technology enables next-generation wideband services without multibillion-dollar network upgrades

June 23, 2008

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MINNEAPOLIS -- NetEx, the leader in high-speed data transport over TCP, today announced that its HyperPipe bandwidth optimization software technology enables ISPs, phone and cable providers to deliver next-generation wideband services over existing broadband IP networks. A HyperPipe deployment provides a double-edged bottom line benefit with new revenue opportunities from enhanced wideband services while eliminating the need for multi-billion dollar infrastructure upgrades.

HyperPipe is NetEx’s bandwidth optimization software application, providing up to a 10x throughput boost on any IP network. The software can be easily deployed at an ISP, telco or media company’s central office and on the customer’s cable box or PC, delivering an instant massive speed improvement requiring no investment in upgrading the network.

HyperPipe has the potential to dramatically reshape the market by eliminating the billion dollar expense and extended timelines that are typically required for companies to upgrade their networks in order to deploy wideband speeds and services. Comcast and Verizon currently offer 50 Mbps wideband services, while providers such as AT&T and Time Warner Cable have yet to move beyond their standard broadband offerings. Verizon has reported that it will spend over $23 billion for the next several years into building its FIOS Fibre-to-the-Premises optical network that offers the same 50 Mbps speed as Comcast. Using conventional technology, it would be a daunting task for any provider to catch up to those competitors, requiring an investment of tens of billions of dollars and take several years to deploy the fiber cabling. Where there is cable or fiber to the home, HyperPipe provides a game changing solution. Deploying HyperPipe over its current network would enable any and all service providers to deliver video and data services at up to 100 Mbps over its existing network simply by adding HyperPipe software. Just as important as the cost savings is the rapid time for deployment. HyperPipe simply requires the software to be installed at both ends of the network. Delivering HyperPipe to the customer is as simple as pre-loading a cable box with the software or automatically sending the software as a download the first time the customer connects to the network.

“HyperPipe radically changes the dynamics of this market, giving providers the ability to deliver next-generation services without the cost and time delays of deploying next-generation networks,” said Robert MacIntyre, Vice President of Business Development and Marketing at NetEx. “The time-to-market advantages of our HyperPipe software solution gives service providers the freedom to look at the market opportunities more strategically along with the ability to rapidly enter a wideband market selectively to give them the highest ROI.”

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