NetApp Augments Kazeon-Based App

NetApp introduced more features for its OEM'd data classification application

December 5, 2006

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Network Appliance has released a new set of products based on its OEM relationship with Kazeon, highlighting the growing importance of data classification and search to mainstream storage suppliers. (See NetApp Adds Search.)

The wares include a repackaging of existing technology for NetApp's I1200, the version of Kazeon's out-of-band appliance that NetApp adopted last year. (See Genesys Acquires VoiceGenie.) For instance, the IS1200-FRM (File Reporting and Migration) program packs capabilities formerly part of the IS1200, including the ability to set policies for disposition of certain files automatically once they are discovered.

Two new modules purportedly offer new capabilities based on Kazeon's technology as well as integrations and extensions for NetApp. The IS1200-SA (Search Appliance) performs file indexing, search, and data restoral and is fully integrated with NetApp's backup. The IS1200-ECS (Enterprise Content Services) includes the features of both the IS1200-FRM and IS1200-SA and adds security from Decru and NetApp SnapLock products.

The ECS module may be an enterprise storage manager's best bet. Its starting price of $80,000 provides the functions of both the IS1200-FRM, which starts at $40,000, and the IS1200-SA, which sells from $50,000. (Earlier modules released by NetApp for the IS1200 are still sold separately, as add-ons to the new modules. Transparent Migration Manager is available as an add-on to IS1200-FRM, and Retention Manager is available on top of as an add-on to IS1200-ECS.)

So why would anyone buy the FRM and SA alone, especially since these upgrades aren't discounted for current customers?NetApp has no specific answer, which probably means it is simply trying to cover all marketing bases on this release. Indeed, if you're any kind of NetApp customer, or are considering becoming one, the new products offer a lot of advantages, thanks to the integration with security, backup, and data restoral software. For those who want to buy a la carte, the option is offered.

It's notable that all the new NetApp modules offer the integration with Google's enterprise search appliance, the OneBox, which is integral to the Kazeon product. (See Classifiers Grab Search Partners.)

NetApp's announcement echoes claims made by EMC for its Celerra NAS product, which NetApp sees as the chief competition for the IS1200 series. (See EMC Vows More for Infoscape.) Like NetApp, EMC is claiming full integration of data classification and search in its new platform, which incorporates search technology from FAST.

But NetApp claims its IS1200 is more robust and scalable, especially since multiple IS1200 boxes can be clustered. But EMC's product doesn't incorporate an appliance, so the comparison may be moot. And since EMC is still in the early stages of offering its wares, it's tough to tell what the ultimate showdown will look like.

NetApp's new kit will be a boon for Kazeon, which views NetApp as a key channel for its products. Michael Marchi, the startup's VP of solution marketing, says integration would be the main reason a firm would buy its appliance directly."Kazeon has aggressive marketing programs targeting areas outside the traditional storage space, specifically targeting legal discovery, enterprise search, and data privacy/security," Marchi notes. "The buyers here are different (chief legal officer, chief security officer, etc., and weve developed a lot of core expertise in these areas in the past 18 months. I think each opportunity will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis... we may close the deal direct or ... work with NetApp depending upon the particular customer and NetApp relationship."

The apparent bottom line: NetApp, like EMC, understands the importance of technologies like Kazeon's and is moving ahead to stake a claim with existing customers. NetApp claims that so far, over 40 customers have adopted its IS1200, and the NAS vendor expects many more. "I think you're going to see rapid adoption," says Ravi Thota, director, product marketing, protection and retention, at NetApp.

NetApp can't produce any specific customers to comment on their use of the new wares, though. Devon Energy Corporation is cited in the press release, but makes no specific claim to use the new technology. Brad Lusk, IT director at Devon, did not respond to a call at press time.

EMC can't produce any testimonials, either, though the vendor claims more than five beta sites for InfoScape.

— Mary Jander, Site Editor, Byte and Switch

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