MySQL-PHP Restriction Fears Unwarrented

Does it even matter that MySQL has eased restrictions on bundling of their libraries with the PHP scripting language?

March 26, 2004

1 Min Read
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After some backlash from the open-source community, MySQL eased the restrictions and made an exception to the license for PHP, which means the libraries can be included again in the PHP package. This is no different from most packaged applications, which often require the purchase and segregated installation of third-party libraries unless an agreement between the two relevant companies has been reached. MySQL's exception for PHP is the open-source equivalent of such closed-source agreements and partnerships.

MySQL's change of heart is admirable. But even if the restrictions had remained, it's unlikely they would have caused any serious problems, other than annoying database administrators by requiring a separate download and installation. Most administrators face tougher problems on their coffee breaks.

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