More Top 11 Scary Things to do in the Data Center on Halloween

What kind of spooky tricks could you come up for the data center this Halloween? Our readers scare up a few ideas.

October 27, 2006

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11) New IT Halloween Catchprhase: "Trick or Truncate!"

10) Set up phony BSOD's for the shift watching the Center that night.

9) Leave fake, bloodied fingers around the Data Center with sign that reads "DON'T TOUCH THE SERVER FAN!"

8) Make spiderwebs using 10 base T cables7) Hold an exorcism to get rid of ghost spam and zombie PCs

6) Carve up some "Jack-o-Servers"

5)Inexpensive costume idea: A Post-it Ghost

4) Tell spooky ID-10-T support tales like, "The Ghost and the ANY key," or "The Haunted Retracting Cup Holder tray."

3) Announce to your team that all unused Halloween candy should be saved and brought in for use at company's Holiday party.2) Play MP3 of first few notes of Bach's Tocatta and Fuge in D-Minor whenever CEO walks by

1) Attatch chains and shackles to everyone's desk; Hang a sign that reads "Abandon hope all ye who enter here."

Thanks to Greg Mayomek, Rob Trimarco, Tom Flynn, Hugh Laring, Bruce Woods. Plenty of other fun can be found at the Last Mile Online.

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