Moonwalk Partners With Caringo

Moonwalk and Caringo partner to simplify data migration to commodity clustered storage

April 29, 2008

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MILTON, Australia -- Moonwalk Inc., the Australian developer of all-inclusive data management and protection software, today announced that it has created a joint solution with Caringo Inc.s CAStor™ clustered storage platform to enable the fast and easy data migration from expensive proprietary Content Addressed Storage (CAS) systems to a cost-effective, high-performance CAStor environment.

Moonwalk’s data management and migration engine helps customers reduce capital expenditures by intelligently migrating data from expensive primary storage volumes, file shares and other CAS archives to a more affordable CAStor environment built around commodity hardware and a unique flat file address space. CAStor also does away with the complexities of hierarchical storage management with a single-tier architecture that treats all disks in a CAStor cluster as primary storage while delivering all the attributes of an archive. The result is a massively scalable clustered storage environment with the cost efficiencies of secondary storage, the high-performance of primary storage, and integrity for compliance archiving.

“Caringo is a perfect partner for Moonwalk with their approach to attacking the costs of enterprise storage,” said Peter Harvey, CEO of Moonwalk. “Caringo and Moonwalk have both embraced a vendor-agnostic approach, freeing customers from the dependency and extra costs of proprietary approaches to storage. A Moonwalk-to-CAStor migration is one of the smartest and most cost-effective actions a company can take to throttle out of control storage costs.”

Moonwalk Inc.

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