Mindseye Solutions Releases TunnelVision Version 1.4

Mindseye Solutions, an innovator of next generation eDiscovery software, also announced the addition of a new "Pay as You Go" pricing model to its predictable pricing matrix.

June 15, 2009

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Arlington, Virginia (PRWEB) June 15, 2009 -- Mindseye Solutions, an innovator of next generation eDiscovery software announced the release of TunnelVision version 1.4 and the addition of a new "Pay as You Go" pricing model to its predictable pricing matrix.

TunnelVision combines powerful filtering and analysis capabilities with a predictable pricing model to enable corporations, law firms, service providers, and government agencies to reduce the time and cost associated with responding to an eDiscovery request.

"Recent judgments related to the use of keyword searches have highlighted the importance of creating a defensible process around the methods used to identify relevant materials," said Bob Krantz, CEO of Mindseye Solutions. "The use of TunnelVision allows our clients to sample, validate, and defend the methodologies employed throughout each step of the eDiscovery process with efficiency and precision."

In addition to the feature enhancements of TunnelVision 1.4, Mindseye Solutions has created a new pricing model for TunnelVision. This option gives clients the flexibility to pay for what they use on a monthly basis on an unlimited number of processing machines. Clients can now have access to scalable capacity on an as needed basis without incurring any upfront charges or additional enterprise fees.

TunnelVision 1.4 offers the following feature enhancements: Defensibility Toolkit: A comprehensive set of measures and reports designed to give clients the ability to evaluate results in order to document and defend each step taken throughout the eDiscovery process.

Preview: Used for viewing, sampling, and validating results found within each module of TunnelVision. Preview gives clients the ability to test precision and recall of search terms, view search terms in context, and validate that the terms are appropriate to the case.

Real Time Exception Handling: Clients are able to immediately identify and resolve any processing errors upon the completion of an import.

SQL Server 2005/2008 Support: Clients now have the ability to select a SQL Server or multiple SQL Servers for processing empowering them to scale with each project, process project data concurrently, and view all projects from any TunnelVision machine.

Mobile Processing: Clients are able to install TunnelVision on laptops to take into the field for sampling of data during interviews, evaluation of processing and search criteria, and for collaboration on 26(f) Meet and Confer conferences. Freeform Search and Domain Capture

Filter by File Type: Gives clients the ability to create inclusive or exclusive file type filters during project setup. Filters can be created using either the associated application obtained from the file header or by importing a list of file extensions.

Additional Reporting Options including filter and billing reports.

About Mindseye Solutions:

Mindseye Solutions is a software development company focused on delivering technology that addresses the need for accountability, efficiency, and agility within the rapidly changing eDiscovery landscape. Through its development of next generation eDiscovery applications, Mindseye Solutions is simplifying the eDiscovery process for clients through predictable pricing, ease of use, and extensive reporting.

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