McData's Product Road Map Leaves CNT Users in a Lurch

McData unveiled its product road map following the acquisition of SAN vendor CNT. Unfortunately, CNT's key product isn't on the map. Where does that leave CNT users?

June 3, 2005

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We're not certain McData made the right decision when it chose the newer, unproven i10K product over UMD, which has been well-received in the field. But McData is. In fact, one McData spokesman told us UMD's successful sales were largely attributable to CNT's services, not the quality of its product. We'll wait and see.

One thing's for sure: If you're a CNT customer, major changes are coming to your SAN. You'll have to choose between following the new road map toward the i10K line and switching vendors. In either case, you'll need to spend some time evaluating your needs--and finding the right product to fit them.
--Don MacVittie

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