Linux Torvalds; Microsoft Vs. Linux; Who's Got Linux?

This edition: Top 11 Things You Don't Want to Hear From Linus Torvalds; Got Linux?; and Just the Facts, Ma'am.

January 30, 2004

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Got Linux?
Is it true that only cool organizations run Linux? We're not sure, but at the risk of mixing sports, politics and operating systems, we decided to test the adage that people look like their dogs, as applied to Web servers and the professional sports organizations that own them.

  • International Demolition Derby Association, Windows 2000 and Microsoft IIS. Obvious gluttons for punishment.

  • Major League Baseball, Solaris and Netscape Enterprise Server. They go together like Clemens and Piazza.

  • Professional Cricketers' Association, Windows NT/98 and Microsoft IIS. Nobody knows the rules of running IIS on 98, either.

  • Professional Golfers' Association, Linux and Netscape Enterprise Server. No Apache? Someone's in the rough here.

  • Professional Lacrosse Players' Association, FreeBSD and Apache. Unexpectedly chic.

  • United Professional Skateboarders Association, Windows NT4/Windows 98 and Microsoft IIS. Obviously hand-me-downs from Mom and Pop.

  • World Skating Federation, Linux and Apache. Complete cognitive dissonance.

    And The Rest...(that didn't fit in print) -- American Armsport Association: Solaris 8 and -- Fantasy Sports Trade Association: Windows2000 IIS -- National Professional Paintball League: Linux and Apache -- American Checker Federation: Linux and Apache -- National Thoroughbred Racing Association: Windows NTand IIS -- US Sailing: Windows 2000 and -- Association for Scottish Haggis Hurling USABranch: Windows 2000 and IIS -- Continental Basketball Association: Linux andApache -- United States Hang Gliding Association: Windows 2000and IIS -- The American Boxing & Athletic Association: Windows2000 and IIS -- United States Surfing Federation: Linux and -- United States Competition Climbing Association:Linux and Apache -- Women's Professional Billiard Association: Windows 2000and IIS -- American Poolplayers Association: Windows 2000and IIS -- World Curling Federation: Windows2000 and IIS -- Rugby Football Union: Windows 2000/NT and -- Team Fortress League: Windows 2000 and IIS -- Ski and Snowboard Association: Windows 98/NT4 and IIS -- National BMX League: Linux and Apache -- United States Water Polo: Linux and Apache -- National Footbal League: Linux and -- Canadian Professional Soccer League: Windows 2003 andIIS -- National Professional Rodeo Association: Linux andApache -- Professional Bowlers Association: Windows 2000 -- IIS -- USA Table Tennis Organization: Solaris and Apache -- The National Basketball Association: Linux and Apache

    Uptime Awards

    Our Heavyweight Champ Award goes to: -- Nihon Sumo KyokaiOfficial Grand Sumo: Apache and Linux Maximum uptime: 480.80 days

    They're tough...they're hocky players. -- National HockeyLeague: Linux Netscape-Enterprise Server Maximum uptime: 258.53 days

    Good going guys, only 110.6 laps, er, days to go! --Solaris and Netscape Enterprise Server (uptime: 389.40 days)Oh Canada! Better than the XFL. -- Canadian Football League:Solaris 8 and Apache (uptime: 134.39 days)

    And our "you should have seen that one coming" award goes -- World Chess Federation: Windows 2000 and IIS -- Maximumuptime? 6.23 days.

    Got Linux?
    Microsoft is pushing against Linux again with a new ad campaign focusing on "the facts" of Linux versus Windows total cost of ownership. The Microsoft microsite (, the heart of the campaign, does a fine job of rolling out "independent" analysis on a number of spot issues like staffing and server performance. It also contains some tactical "how-tos" that encourage users to demand migration to Windows. We don't mean to nitpick, but isn't Linux spelled with an L?

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