Juniper Launches Open Software Platform To Accelerate Innovation Across The Network

Junos Operating System, Junos Space and Junos Pulse Allow Developers to Directly Program Networks for Better Experiences and Economics

October 29, 2009

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NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Juniper Networks (NYSE:JNPR) today unveiled an open cross-network software platform that allows customers to directly program multiple layers of their networks for rich user experiences, smart economics and fast time to market. The new Junos software platform includes the popular Junos network operating system, the new Junos Space network application platform and new Junos Pulse integrated network client - all built with the same core design principles, integration approach and development discipline.

The new software extends Juniper's heritage and unique differentiation as an innovative developer of smart, reliable and scalable software that runs across routing, switching and security products for service provider and enterprise markets. Juniper first opened up the Junos operating system in 2007, delivering a software developer's kit that is now used by dozens of third parties around the world to optimize and integrate their networks for reduced cost of operations. Junos Space (available today) and Junos Pulse (available in first half 2010) extend that intelligence across the network and to endpoint devices - enabling fully programmable networks that can deliver a superior mix of experience and economics.

"Businesses invest billions every year and employ hundreds of thousands of developers to create custom network applications - all without a software platform," said Mike Harding, vice president and general manager, Junos Space. "We can now make that work more valuable and efficient with a software platform that helps automate infrastructure, catalyze innovation, enable new revenue streams and accelerate service delivery. With Junos Space and Junos Pulse, we're extending that intelligence across the network to help reduce cost, minimize complexity and open up innovation at multiple layers of the network."

Junos: High-Performance Network Operating System

A core foundation of Juniper products since 1998, the Junos operating system delivers a reliable, high-performance platform for routing, switching and security - with programming interfaces and an SDK to help developers unlock more value from the network. Junos is managed as a single code base with a single release train across Juniper systems, simplifying management and reducing TCO for Juniper customers. Dozens of third parties are already developing applications based on the Junos SDK, including Active Broadband Networks, Ankeena Networks, Harris Stratex, Telchemy, Telecom Italia and Triveni Digital. Juniper also announced its first-ever Junos software licensing partnership today with Blade Network Technologies, which will develop future blade switches based on the Junos operating system."Software is critical to driving innovation on our network," said Tim Harden, AT&T president of Supply Chain and Fleet Operations. "By using AT&T-developed applications based on Junos SDK, we're able to create new services for our customers, further differentiating AT&T in a highly competitive market."

"The significance of Junos SDK to us in our innovation plans was clear immediately," said Sandro Dionisi, director of Telecom Italia Labs. "With the Junos SDK, we can provide value to our subscribers in ways not previously possible by delivering custom security and value-added services that execute directly on Juniper's routers. This allows us to provide better performance and functionality than other options and at lower cost, as we can utilize equipment already in our network."

Junos Space: Open Network Application Platform

Junos Space is an open development and deployment platform for network applications, which enable customers and third-party developers to simplify network operations, automate support and accelerate service delivery. Junos Space initially ships as a platform with three applications: Ethernet Activator, which enables customers to quickly create and activate services, including activation of VPN services up to 10 times faster than competitive productsi; Route Analyzer, which provides DVR-like recording and playback capability to plan, simulate and troubleshoot MPLS networks; and Service Now, which speeds resolution of service issues by having Juniper systems "call" Juniper support experts with troubleshooting data and details, saving valuable time for both customers and service technicians.

"Junos Space can do something every vendor wants and very few ever achieve - define a new product category and the requirements for the market space that category represents," said Tom Nolle, founder and president of CIMI Corporation. "Junos Space offers a complete cloud-based framework for service-layer development, everywhere from the enterprise to the largest service provider. It meets all the service-layer requirements that CIMI customer research has identified, and also the key requirements to support third-party development and extension.""The Junos Space platform provides a rich framework with a distinct and effective user interface, where we can leverage our unique routing and traffic management technologies," said Jeff Riace, Executive VP of Marketing and Business Development, Packet Design. "Not only will this broaden the value of our own products, but its open and extensible nature lets us integrate with other solutions, creating synergistic benefits for organizations adopting the platform."

"Junos Space is a ground-breaking network application platform - simple, smart and open," said Brendan Hannigan, COO and President of Q1 Labs. "Our QRadar SIEM, Log Manager and security intelligence products will seamlessly operate within Junos Space. This integration will help our enterprise and service provider customers deliver great experiences while improving the economics of delivering security services."

Junos Pulse: Integrated Multi-Service Network Client

Junos Pulse is a new integrated multi-service network client, which reduces the number of client applications that need to be distributed and supported - and hides security complexity to deliver a better experience for users wherever they are. Junos Pulse will provide location-aware and identity-aware access to networks, including enterprise access controls, remote SSL VPN access and WAN acceleration that are currently available from Juniper in separate network clients.

By bringing several products together in a single standards-based client, Junos Pulse will provide network users with a consistent, convenient experience that masks the complexities of security and mobility protocols - regardless of their location or access device. Junos Pulse will support the Trusted Network Connect (TNC) open standards and specifications, delivering seamless migration between remote and local access while interoperating with third-party network and security devices. Juniper's existing network client software has been licensed broadly to run on more than 20 million PCs and mobile devices worldwide, via networks that will have a seamless upgrade path to Junos Pulse.Pricing and Availability

The Junos operating system and Junos SDK are available immediately - pricing and options vary by product line. The Junos Space platform and applications are available now for download and free trial - pricing starts at $15,000. The Junos Pulse client will be available in first half 2010 - pricing will be consistent with the concurrent user pricing of Juniper's market-leading SSL VPN and UAC products. Additional product details will be announced upon availability.

Launch Details and Links

For more information and materials about today's launch, please see the following web sites:

    * Download Junos Space -
    * Launch Site -
    * Launch Simulcast -
    * Online Newsroom - and its partners also issued several standalone news releases related to today's launch. Please refer to the online newsroom above for details, or follow the Juniper conversation via Twitter (, Facebook ( or the Juniper Networks Community (
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i Juniper comparison against competitive products, conducted October 2009. Reflects ability of Juniper systems with Junos Space and Ethernet Activator to provision 200 VPNs per operator hour versus 20 VPNs per operator hour for the fastest competitive product.

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