Intransa Adds Thin Provisioning

Intransa announced DynaStac thin provisioning as part of its StorStac IP Storage System

August 13, 2007

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SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Intransa, the global leader of scalable, network-centric IP storage solutions, today announced DynaStac thin provisioning as part of its StorStac IP Storage System. Intransas DynaStac thin provisioning application allows storage space to be easily allocated to servers on a just-enough and just-in-time basis. Intransa DynaStac increases the scalability, efficiency and capacity of the Intransa IP SAN, which scales beyond 1,000 terabytes and supporting 1, 2 and 10GbE PCU front-end controllers. Customers around the world currently use Intransa’s IP StorStac Storage System for business-critical applications such as server and storage consolidation, application development and testing, data mining, video surveillance and imaging.

"There's no question that thin provisioning is the wave of the future and that Intransa, as an early market provider of this type of technology, is onto something big," says Heidi Biggar, analyst at the Enterprise Strategy Group. "The efficiency and utilization benefits of thin provisioning are simply too great to ignore. User environments demand this type of functionality. I'd be hard-pressed to name an IT shop today that wouldn't see immediate CAPEX and OPEX benefits from being able to dynamically pool and allocate storage resources among multiple applications."

Through DynaStac, customers are assured they are receiving the maximum efficiency as their needs for increased storage utilization and capacity grow. The addition of DynaStac allows the customer the most efficient use of their storage when used in combination with the Intransa IP StorStac. And for those environments where “going green” is a requirement, Intransa’s DynaStac thin provisioning assists in taking a major step in making that happen through storage consolidation. Since few, if any, technology vendors can scale a single platform from four terabytes to one petabyte, the Intransa IP StorStac SAN stands alone. The power of the StorStac Manager graphical user interface (GUI) makes DynaStac possible, allowing customers to dynamically grow volumes or logical unit numbers (LUNs), as needed.

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