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Innovation delivers fastest solution ever for IBM z/OS mainframe data protection

April 23, 2007

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LITTLE FALLS, N.J. -- INNOVATION Data Processing announces General Availability of the fastest backup solution ever for z/OS mainframe data protection, business continuance and business resiliency, FDR V5.4 Lvl 60”, said Vice President Advance Technology and INNOVATION spokesman Thomas J. Meehan; adding “Customers, for example, can expect to see hardware data replication based disk to disk backup time cut in half on EMC, Hitachi, IBM and Sun/StorageTek disk storage systems.”

Companies today see continual growth pushing up the time it takes to complete their backups, while a new sense of customer service, legislative oversight and regulatory penalties combine to demand near continual 24 x 7 data availability. Understanding the squeeze this phenomenon puts on its IBM z/OS mainframe customers INNOVATION is delivering a new release of its FDR Suite that will significantly improve business resiliency with major contributions in the areas of data protection and business continuance, i.e. archive, backup, restore, copy and move.

FDR V5.4 Lvl 60 enhancements to complement existing support for the latest generation of high speed tape drives includes improvements in all FDR and FDRABR archive, backup, restore and copy/move operations; with improvement most noticeable in data set FDRCOPY using “INSTANT” replication technology to copy data. An optional feature “INSTANT” technology enables the use of hardware data replication, by FDR V5.4 Lvl 60, allowing FDRInstant and ABRInstant functions to create local replicas in an instant for non-disruptive backup, rapid recovery from disk and significant reductions in data set copy/move time. There are additional enhancements for new high-capacity disk volumes, where a major portion of the total elapsed time lay in z/OS meta data processing (e.g. allocation, catalog, disk VTOC processing). Meehan adding, “this release includes improvements delivering significant benefit including enhancements in the use of consistency, differential, incremental, copy, no-copy and pre-copy replication technology, as well as increasing use of parallel processing to take advantage of advances in z/OS system I/O services.”

Seamless integration, with EMC TimeFinder, Hitachi ShadowImage, IBM FlashCopy and SUN/StorageTek SnapShot technology allows users to transparently meet evolving business data protection needs and business continuance expectations independent of which storage vendor’s hardware they happen to be using. Upon installing FDR V5.4 Lvl 60, customers can expect to see immediate benefit in the form of significant performance improvements with disk to disk (D2D) backup and data set copy/move times cut in half, depending on the version of a storage vendor’s data replication technology they employ.

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