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Incipient announced a new release of its Incipient Network Storage Platform software suite

May 17, 2007

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WALTHAM, Mass. -- Incipient, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise-class network storage virtualization and data migration software, today announced a new release of its Incipient Network Storage Platform(tm)(iNSP(tm)) software suite. This latest release is in direct response to feedback from global financial services companies with large enterprise-class SAN environments. iNSP software simplifies storage related operations which drives efficiencies across SAN infrastructures without disruption to 24x7 business operations. The new enhancements in iNSP specifically address the challenges of rapid SAN storage growth and data center migration/optimization projects at large financial services companies. Added to iNSP is increased product scalability and availability, optimized data migration management capabilities, support for Active Directory, non-disruptive software upgrades and broader interoperability.

iNSP software runs natively on high performance Cisco MDS 9000 Storage Services Modules (SSMs) that are designed to work with intelligent fabric applications. SSMs work with any Cisco MDS 9500 Director or 9200 fabric switch which provides investment protection for Cisco MDS customers while allowing these customers to leverage new storage services applications, including iNSP, to optimally move, manage and protect data within an enterprise SAN.

Enhancements in iNSP include:

  • Support for four node iNSP Clusters resulting in higherperformance when performing large data migration projects. An iNSP Cluster is made up of two or four Cisco MDS 9000 SSMs.

  • Usability and data migration-specific enhancements for iNSPAdministrator, the management application for iNSP software. A single installation of iNSP Administrator can manage multiple two and four node iNSP Clusters, thereby scaling exponentially with business growth.

  • Non-disruptive iNSP software upgrades for Cisco SSMs thateliminates path failover when SSMs need software upgrades. iNSP software can be upgraded while the fabric remains online.

  • Expanded interoperability - Support for additional OSs such as64-Bit Windows and Linux, host multipathing software such as Microsoft Windows MPIO, EMC PowerPath and others; storage arrays from 3PAR, LSI, Sun and IBM; mixed fabrics having Cisco MDS 9000 Series SAN switches with Brocade.

  • Active Directory support - iNSP Administrator supports MicrosoftWindows Active Directory for user authentication and authorization and for group maintenance. iNSP supports a proprietary directory service for user authentication, authorization and group maintenance. Customers have the option to use either security model.

"We strongly believe that storage virtualization is an essential part of IT infrastructure for large enterprise SANs," said Tony Asaro, senior analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group. "Incipient is a pioneer in the field of network storage virtualization and has aligned its sales and marketing efforts on the financial services sector, a segment that we believe stands to extract great business value from it."

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