Idealstor Launches Teralyte

Idealstor announced the release of the Idealstor Teralyte, a backup and recovery system that utilizes removable hard drives

April 10, 2007

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GAITHERSBURG, Md. -- Idealstor, a leading manufacturer of removable disk-to-disk backup solutions, announced today the release of the Idealstor Teralyte, an affordable backup and recovery system that utilizes removable hard drives in place of tape for offsite backup. The Teralyte is a true disk to disk backup solution designed for the small to medium sized business.

The release of this product is a direct result of an increase in customer demand for an affordable yet scalable alternative to tape backup. Unlike the Idealstor Backup Appliance which comes installed with Windows 2003 Server, the Teralyte directly attaches to a companys server or backup server via a SATA connection. This has enabled Idealstor to provide an entry level price point for their solutions and made the Idealstor product more affordable for the SMB. Teralyte is available in two configurations. The Teralyte 1000 offers 1 removable drive bay that can accommodate any capacity/manufacturer Serial ATA disk on the market. The Teralyte 2000 offers two drive bays and backup capacities up to 1.5TB (assuming 750GB SATA disks). Retail pricing for the Teralyte 1000 is $1995.00 and the Teralyte 2000 lists at $2995.00.

The Teralyte differs from other removable disk backup systems that target the SMB by offering affordable and non-proprietary hard drives that offer users the ability to use the largest disks currently on the market. Teralyte uses any capacity/manufacturer SATA I or SATA II disk available. 750GB SATA disks now average less than $300/disk and come with a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty. The low media cost and the attractive price of the Teralyte system make this offering an ideal solution for any small to medium sized business. Each Teralyte system comes with Idealstor’s rugged removable disk caddy and protective storage box. Additional caddies and cases can be purchased for companies looking to create an offsite rotation of disks.

In addition, the Idealstor Teralyte comes bundled with Idealstor’s own backup software, iBac 4.0. iBac 4.0 provides backup administrators an easy to use backup application that keeps data in its native format and performs full backups in the time it takes to run an incremental backup.

“The Teralyte is a direct response to what our smaller clients have been looking for,” said Ben Ginster, Channel Marketing Manager, for Idealstor. “Backup administrators have grown tired of being locked into proprietary backup systems – whether it be LTO or some of the newer removable disk backup solutions on the market. Not only are companies forced to buy proprietary media, they get locked into the never ending cycle of upgrades as the supposed latest and greatest technology becomes available. SMB’s are looking for an affordable and flexible solution to their increasing backup requirements. The Teralyte solves this problem by allowing administrators to use any manufacturer or capacity SATA disk on the market. In addition, the Teralyte is priced for the small to medium sized business. We have removed the server component of our higher end backup solution allowing companies to directly attach the Teralyte to their server or backup server. We have already seen a great response to this new product and feel that this will offer a logical and affordable alternative to lower priced tape solutions and other proprietary disk solutions that are now entering the market.”Idealstor LLC

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