FudBusters update from March 2003

This edition, we "bust" Microsoft's proposal to end DLL Hell through strong bonds between applications and DLLs.

March 21, 2003

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When: February 2003

What: Microsoft proposes an end to DLL Hell through strong bonds between applications and DLLs.

FUDFactor: Get out of DLL Hell.

FUDBust: Software developers have had problems with DLLs for years. Microsoft's recently announced solution for Windows--to tie applications and DLLs closer together to ensure that applications relying on DLLs will not become FUBAR by patches and upgrades--is hardly a solution.

Strongly coupling DLLs and applications isn't any different than building static applications, except that you don't have to distribute the DLL with your application. With disk space cheap, the size of a distributed application isn't that important.Rather than take a chance with version problems with an existing DLL, it would be better to ensure the application works as advertised. But this entire issue is best resolved by forgetting you ever heard of a DLL--unless it's one you build and distribute with your application yourself.

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