ExaGrid Supports EMC NetWorker

ExaGrid Systems announced that the ExaGrid Disk-based Backup system now supports EMC NetWorker software

May 30, 2007

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WESTBOROUGH, Mass. -- ExaGrid Systems, Inc., (www.exagrid.com) the leader in cost-effective and scalable disk-based backup solutions, today announced that the ExaGrid Disk-based Backup system now supports EMC NetWorker software. The combination of EMCs industry-leading backup application, and ExaGrid’s turnkey disk-based backup solution with 2X compression and advanced 20 to 1 byte-level data de-duplication technology, enables customers to significantly reduce costs, shrink their backup window, improve recovery times and easily protect more data in a substantially smaller storage footprint.

By combining EMC NetWorker software with the ExaGrid Disk-based Backup system, customers can immediately:

  • Store long-term backup retention directly from EMC NetWorker to disk, eliminating the hassles of tape

  • Take advantage of byte-level data de-duplication technology for the best price/performance disk-based backup solution

  • Reduce the backup window by 30 to 80 percent

  • Enable fast and reliable restores since ExaGrid uniquely stores the latest copy of backup jobs in whole form without requiring rebuilds from millions of fragmented data “chunks”

  • Expand their disk backup solution as data grows using ExaGrid’s plug-and-play GRID-based architecture

  • Benefit from a complete system that has built-in hot-spares, RAID6 and “phone home” automation for maintenance and support

  • Purchase only the backup storage space they need with the advantage of 20 to 1 or more data de-duplication

    “EMC NetWorker customers can be up and running with the ExaGrid system in less than a half hour. All they do is point their NetWorker backup jobs to NAS shares on the ExaGrid system and begin backing data up,” said Bill Andrews, president and CEO of ExaGrid Systems. “Besides being easy to implement, ExaGrid’s byte-level data de-duplication technology and flexible GRID-based architecture allows cost effective plug-and-play scalability as customers’ data grows.”ExaGrid Systems Inc.

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