eHarbor Backs Up Hedge Funds

RFA announced the general availability of the eHarbor file and email data backup/restore solution for hedge funds

January 10, 2007

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NEW YORK -- Richard Fleischman & Associates (RFA), the leader in IT solutions for the hedge fund community, today announced the general availability of the eHarbor file and e-mail data backup/restore solution for hedge funds. eHarbor is RFAs newest addition to the family of Harbor DR/BCP solutions and provides secure, off-site storage for hedge fund data files to ensure that a firm’s most valuable commodity – the data – is protected against a potential computer disaster.

Lost data is a common contributor to downtime that leads to business failure. The RFA eHarbor solution is a simple-to-use, WAN-based backup/restore solution for file and e-mail data that protects your hedge fund data before a computer crash that can often result in lost data. Computer crashes can be caused by viruses, human error, power failure, malicious acts or corrupted disk drives that lead to unexpected costs in business.

eHarbor Ensures Protection Against Lost Data
“The best way for a hedge fund to protect itself from disaster is to prevent it from happening in the first place. No organization is immune from lost data and the staggering costs in both time and resources involved rebuilding databases and trading history,” says Richard Fleischman, president of RFA. “eHarbor is an enterprise-quality storage solution available at an affordable price. This scalable storage solution grows with hedge funds and never becomes out-dated. eHarbor was designed to provide secure, off-site storage with unlimited backup and restore capability which helps clients save money on their IT investment while protecting their most valuable asset – their data.”

The eHarbor backup/restore solution is your safe harbor to ensure protection of mission-critical data and offers the following services:

  • Protection of mission critical, regulated data

  • Remedy for “failed data recovery”

  • Antidote for complex remote tape-based backup procedures

  • Rapid restore & recovery of data/files

  • Solution for rapid rise in tape management, transportation & storage costs

eHarbor Helps Save Money
The RFA eHarbor solution is a cost-effective storage solution with unlimited scalability that helps hedge funds save money by lowering their business expenses:

  • Server costs - No backup agents on servers, desktops, laptops or DBMS systems to manage.

  • Expenses for backup equipment – No tape libraries, tape drives or large disk systems are required at remote sites and eliminates the expenses associated with transport.

  • Backup bandwidth – Significantly reduces remote site bandwidth costs to leverage content addressable storage for optimized bandwidth.

  • Security costs – AES encryption eliminates backup data theft risk making additional backup security and its cost unnecessary. The automatic backup feature is a fully automated non-disruptive online backup held on a central system disk.

  • Backup software licenses – There are no agent licenses.

  • Growth penalties – Eliminates the “rip-out-and-replace” backup systems concept because of unmatched scalability that never outgrows the backup.

Richard Fleischman & Associates (RFA)

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