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Two press releases reflect the difficulties of storage PR

January 19, 2007

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6:00 PM -- Two press releases, one basic announcement, two sides of a CEO's mouth: When Chelsio Communications Inc. and Tehuti Networks Ltd. sent out their news today, their prepared statements echoed each other, right down to the quotes. (See 10GBase-T Adapters Debut.)

Both claim to be "first" with adapters supporting the new 10GBase-T specs. Both base their new wares on the same chipset from Teranetics Inc. And both sported the same source in their press releases.

So how come the source, Matt Rhodes, CEO of Teranetics, put a slightly different spin on each announcement? Here's what he said about the Chelsio adapter:

  • "Teranetics is pleased to work closely with Chelsio to bring the industry's first 10GBase-T adapters to the market."

Now, here's what he said about Tehuti:

  • "Teranetics is delighted to work with Tehuti Networks to deliver the world's first dual-port 10GBase-T adapters."

If I were Chelsio I'd get on the phone. Why is Rhodes "delighted" with Tehuti, while he's just "pleased" to work with Chelsio?And all you're worried about is the viability of copper-based 10-gig?

Mary Jander, Site Editor, Byte and Switch

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