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Double-Take Software announces storage optimization solution for file servers

September 24, 2008

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SOUTHBOROUGH, Mass. -- In an effort to help IT administrators manage the rapid growth in unstructured data, Double-Take Software (NASDAQ: DBTK), a leading infrastructure software company, today announced the release of Double-Take Cargo™, an add-on storage optimization solution that complements continuous replication and failover by archiving inactive files from the production server to the Double-Take target server. The result is a reduction in disk space used, allowing for faster and more cost-efficient disaster recovery and alleviating the headaches associated with managing the ever-growing storage requirements for file-based data.

As data continues to grow exponentially, it is not uncommon for file servers to fill to capacity, with much of that storage being used by files that are rarely, if ever, accessed. IT administrators are faced with increasing costs and wasted time spent backing up large files and restoring them after failover. With Double-Take Cargo, inactive files can be removed from the primary server and replaced by small stub files that transparently link to the full file content on the Double-Take target server. If a user accesses an archived file, it is transparently recalled back to the primary server with no difference in behavior to the end user. Administrators are able to restore files more quickly by only restoring these smaller files to the primary server, resulting in saved costs in time and storage space.

“Customers who are already using our Double-Take suite of products can leverage Cargo to manage existing copies of their production data and reduce the space required to store that data on their production server,” said Bob Roudebush, director of solutions engineering for Double-Take Software. “By providing a product that requires less storage maintenance, Double-Take is going beyond disaster recovery and offering a fully integrated solution for our customers that are cost effective and more efficient.”

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