DataCore Releases Low-Cost Data Virtualization Solution

Company adds virtual capacity features to its SANMelody storage management software.

December 14, 2004

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DataCore Software is moving storage virtualization downmarket with the addition of virtual capacity features to its SANMelody storage management software.

SANmelody lets enterprises use PC servers as cost-effective expansion disk server that appear as local drives to LAN users. Consequently, users can set up huge logical disk volumes up to terabyte size which, according to DataCore, perform and work like any other direct-attached storage device (DAS).

With the addition of "Virtual Capacity" auto-provisioning features however, those volumes can literally be as big as needed. The physical capacity of the logical volumes is drawn from a storage pool as-needed. Users can allocate a huge portion of the pooled disks without committing it, allowing storage to be dynamically provisioned to make the most efficient use of resources. In effect, volumes can grow automatically to the maximum allocated physical storage capacity.

According to DataCore, SANMelody's new virtualization features operate with virtually any vendor's storage hardware, over IP local area networks using iSCSI storage networking as well as over fibre channel SAN networks. Moreover, DataCore claims that Virtual capacity can be easily set-up and quickly deployed, making it an attractive solution for small and mid-sized enterprises.

"The lack of true automation, the unwillingness of vendors to break their lock-in features -- allowing open hardware purchasing flexibility, and the high prices being charged have made these solutions far too costly and impractical for most companies," DataCore CEO George Teixeira said in a statement. "DataCore's powerful 'Virtual Capacity,' openness to hardware choice, and new pricing combine to break down these barriers."

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