Data Domain Boosts Enterprise Disaster Recovery

Replicator Software Enhancements Offer Industry's Highest Inline Global Dedupe Fan-In, 90-to-1 for Remote Sites, and High-Speed System Mirroring

May 4, 2009

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SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- May 4, 2009 --Data Domain, Inc. (Nasdaq: DDUP), the leading provider of deduplication storage systems, today announced new feature updates to the Data Domain Replicator software option that increase global fan-in support and throughput for enterprise disaster recovery (DR). Data Domain Replicator software now supports up to 90-to-1 remote site fan-in to a single controller for automated global deduplication. This capability provides differentiated, enterprise-ready deployment flexibility across policies and topologies, along with network management options such as replication scheduling and WAN resource throttling. Data Domain Replicator also now supports highly optimized, full system replication mirroring to offer the simplest and fastest end-to-end throughput from backup ingest through restore from the replica site for deduplication storage.


"Replication is really becoming the place where deduplication opportunities are getting won or lost and not all solutions even have deduplication-aware replication," said Laura DuBois, Research Director at IDC. "After speaking with a number of large Data Domain enterprise customers, it's clear that for large enterprises the level of the requirements for replication continues to escalate - sometimes calling for fan-in capabilities to support hundreds of sites, rapid availability of data from replica sites or full system mirroring. Data Domain's replication methods and feature set are positioning the company well to satisfy these pacesetting requirements."


Data centers and large enterprises are looking to deploy ultra-reliable, disk-based backup/restore solutions with automated, multi-site DR capabilities. Most enterprise deployments of Data Domain systems include its Replicator software, which enables the rapid transfer of optimized data over low-bandwidth WAN links to simplify and accelerate DR readiness while reducing WAN costs. The combination of high speed inline deduplication, global deduplication and simultaneous vaulting of data offsite means fast time-to-DR for Data Domain users. Unlike other storage products with deduplication and replication, Data Domain offers enterprise users unique data protection advantages:


A single DD690 enterprise system can now support replication fan-in from up to 90 remote sites, deduplicating globally. This means a fully configured DDX Array now supports up to 1440-to-1 fan-in, enabling deployment for very large distributed DR deployments.

A pair of Data Domain systems across a WAN can now be full system mirrors at high speed, replicating all system-wide changes across multiple input protocols just after inline deduplication storage, so files can be restored from the replica as soon as possible after being backed up. This comprehensive and rapid mirroring at the logical level means even large systems in enterprise data center deployments, with hundreds of millions of files, can synchronize recovery data to a DR site with low WAN bandwidth, low system overhead and high speed. This enables wire-speed transfer of deduplicated and compressed data on a 1 Gb Ethernet link, for up to 21 TB/hour of backup image transfer throughput.

Data is instantly visible and restorable from the Data Domain replica with no operator or script intervention. Replicator is part of the integrated design of the Data Domain file system, so once data transfers to a destination site, the replica is continuously consistent.

Replica system restore speed can be up to 15x faster than competitors' restore rates from the dedupe pool on their replica, as observed in customer deployments.

Automated compression for WAN optimization. Unlike some competing products which replicate data that is deduplicated but not compressed, and can result in half the throughput and require up to twice as much time to replicate on the same bandwidth link, Data Domain both deduplicates and compresses data prior to transfer across the WAN.

Robust integrated management functions, such as replication scheduling and WAN resource throttling.


Enterprise Customers Share Successful Replication Experiences

Central Florida. A Data Domain customer for two years, the district's IT department has deployed 10 deduplication storage systems to protect its enterprise application data including SAP, Microsoft SQL, Exchange and Oracle databases. The department also backs up its mainframe system through LUMINEX Channel Gateways to Data Domain. The district utilizes Data Domain Replicator for high-speed mirroring of five Data Domain systems in its primary data center to five replica systems located at the district's disaster recovery facility.


"Data Domain enabled us to achieve our storage objectives by completely eliminating costly tape from our data protection processes and allowing us to implement a reliable and automated DR strategy," said Robert Carlisi, Senior Systems Administrator for Orange County Public Schools. "Today we are storing the equivalent of 611 TB of backups on our Data Domain systems and globally reducing our storage by a factor of 18x. The high-performance inline deduplication and replication process allows us to efficiently push as much as 15 TB of daily backups through our network to our DR facility with plenty of room to grow. Knowing that our replicated data is accessible immediately gives me the confidence that we can quickly recover from just about any scenario."


Canada's largest diversified mining company, with major business units focused on copper, metallurgical coal, zinc, gold and energy. The company's IT department is successfully standardizing its infrastructure to consolidate its primary data centers, and to create uniformity and auditability across the company's expanding tier 1 (production sites) and tier 2 (exploration and remote sites).


"Today, we have deployed 24 Data Domain systems, protecting about 20 global sites," said Andrew Pruett, IT Manager for Teck. "Data Domain Replicator allows us to efficiently transfer deduplicated data from these many sites to our central DR facility with minimum network bandwidth and hardware. And as our remote site needs grow, we can simply point more and more Data Domain appliances to this central DR system."


"True enterprise deduplication storage systems are defined primarily by robustness in replication," said Brian Biles, VP of Product Management at Data Domain. "For most of our competitors, dedupe replication options are either non-existent or they are just now introducing basic mid-market feature requirements such as a small fan-in with limited policies and topologies lacking network efficiency, automation and manageability. It's easy to compress a little data; it's much harder to deduplicate data fast, at scale, with an end-to-end WAN-based DR recovery in mind."


Data Domain deduplication storage systems offer easy integration by supporting leading enterprise backup and archive applications as well as a variety of transfer protocols simultaneously, including CIFS or NFS fileserver, a Virtual Tape Library (VTL) with Fibre Channel and the Symantec Veritas NetBackup OpenStorage (OST) interface. Pricing and Availability: Data Domain Replicator software is available today. Pricing starts at $2,450.



Data Domain?? is the leading provider of deduplication storage systems. Thousands of companies worldwide have purchased Data Domain systems to reduce storage costs and simplify data management. Data Domain delivers the performance, reliability and scalability to address the data protection and nearline storage needs of enterprises of all sizes. Data Domain products integrate into existing customer infrastructures and are compatible with leading enterprise backup and archive software products. To find out more about Data Domain, visit


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