Daily Spin: JBoss Finds Open Source Home

After acquisition talks with Oracle fell apart, app server vendor JBoss this week agreed to be acquired by Red Hat. The deal creates a commercially-driven open source company able to

April 12, 2006

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JBoss Finds Open Source Home

Is it fair to say that open source software will be the prime driver of next-generation service oriented architectures?

That certainly seems to be the case this week as Red Hat Inc. gobbled up open-source application server vendor JBoss Inc. in a deal valued at $350 million .

The deal cements Red Hat's open-source credibility while also moving them into a highly competitive new market space -- integration middleware. The acquisition also leaves larger vendors in the space -- including initial JBoss suitor Oracle but also IBM, Sun and others -- scrambling in the aftermath to make sure they have their own open source stories in place.

Worth noting:- The deal immediately puts Red Hat head-to-head with much larger rivals -- and in some case Linux distro partners -- IBM, Sun, Oracle, BEA and others. Red Hat's value prop is the ability to deliver a high-quality, relatively low-price J2EE stack to help IT take the cost out of application development and deployment. What it lacks is the high-end enterprise chops and consulting capabilities of vendors like IBM to manage high-availability, transaction-intensive applications. But the middle of the market may very well be the true J2EE suite spot.

- Mainstream integration vendors certainly aren't going to give up the SOA ship. In NWc's recent review of Enterprise Service Bus solution, a key component in next-generation SOA architectures, commercial vendors like IBM, Oracle and BEA all had strong offerings.

- The JBoss deal shines new light on open source J2EE server alternatives, including Jonas and Geronimo. Open source servers like Apache and Tomcat have gained wide adoption. Will their J2EE open source brethren meet with the same success?

- Is Red Hat a good home for JBoss? NWC tech editor Lori MacVittie cautions that "the memory of Fedora [Red Hat's Linux front-end] and early treatment of the distribution by Red Hat may well leave many wisely treading carefully until Red Hat reveals its 'roadmap and integration plans' for JBoss."

Read more about Red Hat's acquisition of JBoss

NWC's Take on the News

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Microsoft Fixes 14 FlawsMicrosoft has released five security bulletins that patched 14 different vulnerabilities, including an awaited fix for Internet Explorer.

Microsoft Tool Defends Against URL HijackingIt is part of Microsoft Research's Strider project, which develops technology for managing computers against security threats.NWC's Take:

Last week, Microsoft said phishing represents as big a security threat as malware; today it releases new code and tools to defend against both threats.

HP Targets SOA MarketHewlett-Packard unveils products that target four industry segments that are poised to grow rapidly.

NWC's Take:SOA is in the air; HP delivers "frameworks" to guide industry-specific SOA deployments.

Software Browses Web Sans ConnectionA Seattle startup Monday launched software that lets users search and view Web sites stored on smart phones or laptops without connecting to the Internet.

NWC's Take:A decent interim solution until wireless bandwidth becomes more readily available; sounds a lot like Avantgo.

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