Copan Targets Remote Offices

Copan Systems brings benefits of de-duplication and enterprise MAID to remote office environments

October 15, 2008

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LONGMONT, Colo. -- COPAN Systems, the industry leader in cost-effective storage solutions for the protection and management of persistent data, today announced the introduction of the COPAN Systems 100T Remote Office VTL, a new solution with deduplication that delivers a fast, reliable and secure back up for remote offices. Combined with COPAN Systems intelligent replication and the highly scalable 300T with industry-leading Enterprise MAID technology at the primary or disaster recovery data center, COPAN Systems provides an enterprise wide disaster recovery solution that cost effectively meets growing recovery report objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO) service level agreements.

In today’s distributed enterprise, reportedly over 70 percent of corporate data for a typical Fortune 1000 company is generated outside of the corporate officea. This presents a unique set of challenges for ensuring consistent levels of data protection for remote office data backup and disaster recovery across the entire enterprise, particularly when data is backed up on unreliable and insecure tape formats. With multiple copies of the same data stored in multiple remote office locations, the cost of reliably storing these increased volumes of backup data enterprise wide continues to mount.

The new COPAN Systems 100T provides reliable, local backups for geographically dispersed remote offices. Data deduplication is used to dramatically decrease the amount of storage used, lowering local storage costs. Like the larger, MAID-based 300T VTL for the primary data center, the 100T utilizes post-processing deduplication to obtain significant space savings while not impacting critical backup windows. With the intelligent replication feature, only unique data that has changed since the last remote backup is sent electronically to the COPAN Systems 300T at the central data center. Additionally, a common data element need only be sent once from any one of the 100Ts attached to a 300T for replication. This eliminates copies of the same backup data stored in multiple office locations, reducing data by up to 15x or more and eliminating the strain on WAN resources.

Once the remote office data is aggregated to the 300T in the central data center, it is stored via the Enterprise MAID (Massive Array of Idle Disks) platform, which only powers up drives when requested by the application. This ensures no more than 25 percent of the densely packed drives are ever turned on at the same time. As a result, customers reduce power and cooling costs by at least 75 percent as well as reduce the solution footprint while significantly increasing the life of the disks.

“It’s an unpleasant fact of IT life that backup and recovery process can easily become fragmented and inefficient, and that the situation is often exacerbated when systems are not centralized, with processes that rely on error-prone manual tape-based operations at remote sites,” said Mark Peters, an analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. “Far better is a centralized, enterprise wide DR and backup strategy to ensure that users’ data is both protected and also available if needed. Systems such as the new COPAN Systems 100T Remote Office VTL can contribute significantly to such an approach, and also leverage deduplication and MAID technologies to enhance the cost and energy efficiency of the overall solution.”

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