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New partnership offers ITI's Federal customers a low-cost, energy-efficient option for storing and archiving digital information

January 30, 2009

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LONGMONT, Colo. -- COPAN Systems, the leader in persistent data storage solutions, and Innovative Technologies, Inc. (ITI), a visual communications systems services and solutions company that specializes in design, engineering and integration of visual information (VI) systems (audio-visual facilities), TV broadcast facilities, on-site personnel support (VI & TV) and custom software development and information technology (IT) solutions, announced a new partnership that offers ITIs Federal customers a low-cost, energy-efficient option for storing and archiving large quantities of digital information. The combined capabilities will significantly reduce power and cooling requirements and data center storage costs while also enabling agencies, including the Department of Defense, to meet the new Federal mandate that requires them to reduce energy consumption by 2015.

Recent e-government initiatives requiring federal agencies to make information more easily accessible via the Internet have created the need for more efficient data centers to support digital information management. The increase in use of these systems, and the power and cooling infrastructure that supports them, have doubled energy use, increased greenhouse gas emissions and raised concerns about power grid reliability. COPAN and ITI are working closely with the United States Department of Defense (DoD) and other Federal agencies to help them meet the new Federal mandates for energy reduction.

One recent project for the DoD involves storing archived imagery which includes 3-D graphic applications that generate images used to create virtual environments for airborne and surface defense training. Since this project, the DoD has reduced energy and cooling costs and is looking ahead to potentially reducing its physical footprint as well. COPAN Systems specializes in storing long-term, data that is infrequently accessed, also known as “persistent data.” E-government initiatives have increased the amount of persistent data that needs to be stored and archived, including audio and video content. Working together, COPAN and ITI will provide Federal users with highly efficient storage for their large, petabyte (PB) size archives - the equivalent of approximately 20 million, four-drawer filing cabinets full of text!

“Federal agencies know us best for our advanced visual-information services including broadcast television, multimedia centers and audio-visual presentation facilities,” said Humberto Irizarry, vice president of Innovative Technologies, Inc. “We try to look at the total solution and therefore also recognize their need to archive petabyte size digital files. After reviewing several options, we selected COPAN’s data archiving because the solution is already proven at over 20 Federal agencies where it is reducing power consumption and cooling costs as well as reigning in data center real estate expenditures.”

Copan Systems Inc.

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