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Cleversafe and partners launch the first commercial dispersed storage network

August 20, 2008

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CHICAGO -- Cleversafe Inc., the leading provider of Dispersed Storage technology and software, today announced that the first commercial appliance-based products to create a Dispersed Storage Network (dsNet) – a new platform for storing and archiving digital content – have been deployed in production through an agreement with five key Dispersed Storage Provider (DSP) partners. The DSP partners are a US-based consortium of service providers, hosting companies and telecommunications companies that have joined Cleversafe’s First Mover Program.

The DSPs and Cleversafe have joined together to deliver a geographically dispersed storage system with limitless scalability, security, reliability and longevity, all in an extremely cost-effective manner compared to traditional storage architectures. With dispersal, multiple service providers and hosting companies can efficiently share resources and deliver more reliable, secure and private storage services to their customers than is available on the market today. A Dispersed Storage Network (dsNet) is an ideal platform for delivering storage as a service because it provides superior reliability, as well as built-in security and privacy, at a very attractive price point when compared to traditional storage methods.

A Cleversafe dsNet divides digital content into “slices” using Information Dispersal Algorithms (IDAs) and disperses the slices, via secure network connections, to multiple storage nodes on a Dispersed Storage Network. Each individual slice contains too little information to be useful, but any threshold of the slices can be used to perfectly recreate the original data. The dsNet can tolerate multiple simultaneous failures of hardware, administrators or storage locations, while keeping data secure and easily accessible.

To meet market requirements for a production dsNet, Cleversafe is partnering with the following companies: onShore Networks, FastRoot International, Merrimac Solutions, PinPoint Network Solutions and Cyber Development Group. Each DSP partner has purchased and deployed Cleversafe appliances and is operating those components as part of a multi-site production dsNet. Each DSP partner can in turn provide Dispersed Storage services to their customers on the production dsNet. Cleversafe is also using a portion of the dsNet for its production data and to provide Dispersed Storage services on a trial basis for candidates and customers.

“Cleversafe’s dispersed storage networks may well prove to be one of the most exciting and the most disruptive storage technologies we have seen in years,” said Stel Valavanis, president of OnShore Networks, one of Cleversafe’s DSP partners. “We’re very excited to be on the ground floor of this revolutionary technology, which will bring tremendous reliability and financial benefit to our customers.”Cleversafe Inc.

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