C2C Improves Archive One

C2C debuts third-generation architecture for Archive One

October 23, 2007

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SPRINGFIELD, Mass. -- C2C, a leading supplier of email data management, today announced the latest architecture for its enterprise email archiving software solution, Archive One, which introduces several evolutionary concepts and features, including the separation of the application agents from the Core technology and the ability to provide alternative modules for storage management and indexing within the Core.

By separating out the application agents, C2C customers can now add additional applications to Archive One, such as SharePoint Manager. A new addition to the C2C Archive Managers for Exchange, SharePoint Manager provides C2C customers with real-time archiving of SharePoint items ensuring that critical information data for internal audit or external governance and compliance purposes is not lost or destroyed.

C2Cs third-generation architecture utilizes the Provider Model, adopted by Microsoft in its .NET framework, by taking an open approach offering modular “plug-and-play” components to archiving. Archive One Core technology now allows customers to switch to or add the most appropriate components for their requirement. This move away from closed systems, with their rigidly defined APIs, accelerates the speed at which clients can engage new solutions to meet their requirements.

Among the upgrades available for use with the new Archive One architecture is a storage controller module that allows customers to switch between storage systems (appliance, software or device specific) and gives users the ability to integrate their preferred storage solution, without being constrained by the vendor’s development processes. Another new modular option is the ability to use alternative indexing engines, the first of which is the Open Source based Lucene engine favored by those in the content and categorization communities.

“Once we had the core resilient, robust and scalable archiving engine in place, the ability to develop and deliver the new application agents and pluggable modules was a relatively simple task,” said Dave Hunt, CEO of C2C. “For example, now unified messaging, audio and video are more prevalent within email, users will be able to choose search engines relative to the data content of each repository or even mix and match them to suit their needs best.”C2C Systems

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